Argentina and so exotic terms: Ushuaia, Santa Fe, tango, Pampa, Patagonia. resonate in us as a bit of taste of the world. Land of dreams, all kinds of tourists and avid hikers, just observe on a map the impressive measurements of this country, and we immediately felt the urge to get on the first plane taking us there ! Welcome to a country of great miscegenation, whose cultural heritage is different from ours, but whose origins are mostly EUROPEAN. Indeed, Argentina without denying its multiple origins remains a unique country. From Argentina Argentina is one of the most popular destinations in Southern America. The country of Gauchos annually hosts millions of visitors who come to admire its landscapes and Iguazu Falls. During your trip to Argentina, expect to be bewitched by the beauty of its natural sites. Certainly, Argentina speak, because you think very often lush nature and its & laquo; exotic & raquo ;. On that side you obviously do not wrong, but there are not that THAT! You really have to go, as in every place you visit, without any expectation: for fear of prejudice. Advice, especially for Argentina: show Always eager to know people and to respect their simplicity when you go out of the cities. It is also recommané seek their permission before taking pictures. The los & laquo; gauchos & raquo; (Herders of the South American pampas) you will surely dream. Well, ask them to tell you about their lifestyle! Similarly when you experience & laquo; businessmen & raquo; in bars or restaurants. All opportunities are good for meetings, especially the Argentines will always make you very welcome. The main areas of ArgentinaThe country is traditionally divided into five major regions: Pampas plains that lie to the west and south of Buenos Aires. Gran Chaco: It is located north of the country. Its alternating séches and wet seasons, allows the culture of

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