Remote region of northern Spain, Aragon is bordered to the north by Pyrenees, which materialize the border with France, west by the powerful Catalonia: they speak also Catalan in the eastern areas, although the official languages ??are Castilian and Spanish. The main town of Aragon is Zaragoza, the capital, long the scene of fighting between Christian and Muslim kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages: the architectural richness the city goes back to those times marked by various influences. This is also the case in Teruel, another important city, part of the heritage is classified by Unesco. Aragon extends in length from north to south, and the region includes thereby a gradient of interesting landscapes: mountains north, snow and ski resorts, and a climate of increasingly hot, with campaigns increasingly shave, as one goes south. Sports Getaway in Aragon. Besides the visit of Zaragoza and the region, one of the favorite activities of visitors is canyoning canyons of Aragon are the best in Europe for downhill rafting or kayaking, there are over 150 in region, but was only 16 canyons have enough water for this activity, the best time being May, there is water and it is hot enough. Canyons are both in the Sierra de Guara and Pireneus. Alquezar is the main starting point for exploring the canyons in Aragon. multi