Antigua et Barbuda

Small independent state since 1981 (outside the Commonwealth), Antigua and Barduba is an archipelago located north of Guadeloupe, in the Caribbean Sea: these few indications portend the best in terms of the climate as tropical landscapes, which is verified on the spot ... Antigua is the most populated of the islands; it includes the St. John's capital and the port of English Harbor, known for hosting the fleet of Admiral Nelson in the eighteenth century. Sandy beaches, coral reefs, warm and clear water, the triptych is complete for the lucky tourists of Antigua. Barduba is a wild island where thrive for many bird species. Hotels on the island are more reserved for the privileged, and therefore attendance is limited outside the small town of Codrington. To see and do: Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda is composed of two islands forming an independent state in the north of Guadeloupe. They are part of the "Leeward Islands" of the Lesser Antilles. They are a tropical and temperate climate. In their capital, Saint John, is a more or less hectic shopping center. Visitors can find 365 beaches most of which still retain their natural state. It is possible to take a long walk on its long indented coastline. The sea is home to incomparable coral seabed where nature lovers can make scuba diving.