Annaba: this great Algerian town in a bay enjoys an enviable location, overlooking a beautiful seafront, embellished with some beaches and a lively downtown. Even more than the Algerian region itself, a step in Annaba is an opportunity to explore the surroundings, which are not without interest. Things to see and do in Annaba Annaba is one of the main cities of Algeria, located at the northeast tip of the country. It is an ancient city founded in 1295 before Christ. This is one of the oldest cities of the country. With a rich heritage, it is home to many traces justifying the presence of prehistoric men, especially in the area of ??Ras Al Hamra. Today it's a popular city with a beautiful waterfront, a cornice and a trendy downtown. It is also possible to make the trip in the bay West and Djenane El Bey in Oued Begrat. However, Annaba has nothing of a large tourist destination, but the city will hold the attention, at least a day, as part of a trip to Algeriaérie. The old city of Annaba is the main attraction, called the Kasbah, some batisses of Ottoman architecture were built in the twelfth century. All around the old center you can also see some buildings from the French colonial era, and outside the city of Roman ruins, history has left many traces in Annaba. Do not miss either to visit the church of St. Augustine of Hippo,