Little known capital of Turkey, Ankara is located in the heart of Anatolia, in a fairly central position in relation to its territory. It is little to say that Ankara does not drain the same stream of visitors that a city like Istanbul because the city does not have the same prestigious history. Yet the city is old, already occupied by the very old civilization of the Hittites. Belonging later to the Roman Empire and Byzantine, Ankara has some remains of those distant times, like Julien column or its Byzantine citadel. But the city was only minor during a long Ottoman period. Ankara has finally elevated to capital of Turkey in 1923, according to the will of Atat & uuml; rk, founder of the Turkish Republic. His mausoleum is now in Ankara, and is the main historical monument of the capital. rapidly over the twentieth century, it has the face of a new and modern city. Ankara does not really constitute a great destination tourism in Turkey, but it can still be interesting to s stop a day or two in the capital. A cultural trip to Ankara If certain destinations are famous for their landscape, other, are loved for their rich culture, just like the case of Ankara, Turkey. The program during your holiday in Ankara, tour neighborhoods, visiting monuments, museums visits, discovery of the remains of the past, but also gastronomy and why not participate in the fest