Bayon, Baphuon, Angokor Wat, Banteay Srei ... these are so many temples to visit. Choose a good season (rainy or dryer), the ruins you deliver quite different facets. Visiting the ruins of Angkor takes 2 to 3 days minimum, some temples being somewhat eccentric. Travelers who have a little time can make a detour to the lake near Siem Reap, and admire one of its famous sunsets. How is the trip to Angkor? Angkor is by far the best known and most visited Cambodia: large-scale, scattered with temples and treasures still hidden in the jungle, it takes several days to go around ... truly a full time! But it is not staying at Angkor same: Fortunately, no hotels were built on the site! This is the side of Siem Reap, the nearest town, which is located in housing. Very popular with tourists, pleasant, Siem Reap has a wide range of accommodation and will be easy to find a hotel. Small budgets are turning to cheap hotels in sometimes questionable comfort but will also offer Mid addresses, widely affordable. Besides hotels, one can lodge at the inhabitant in the guesthouses. In a word, accommodation is cheap in Siem Reap. The restoration is even more, so we can even afford a meal in an upscale address with a limited budget; with street food and small restaurants, we eat for nothing ... Add to this the transport and entry of Angkor, and the two-three days spent visiting the site do not come back well expensive ! Treasures of Angkor region of Cambodia, Angkor is also an archaeological and architectural site of international renown. As the ancient capital of the Khmer empire, we find there