A pleasant city full of interest, Angers fits more in a beautiful region, the Loire Valley, which is a World Heritage by UNESCO! Provide two-three days living seems ideal for visiting Angers and afford a trip around the city. TGV, Angers is easily accessible from many major French cities: Paris is just 1h30, Lyon within four hours for example. By Train allows land directly to the city center: it is then possible to start the festivities on foot, distances with nothing insurmountable. Otherwise, the bus take over. The hotel offer Angers covers conventional addresses, boutique hotel in the historic center, address practical side of the station, but also cheap hostel and some guest houses for change framework. The heart of the entertainment Angers remains the city center, with nearby the main historical sites and museums, many restaurants, cafes and bars, places of exits, etc ... in short, plenty to occupy his weekend!