Ancona is an important step on the Adriatic coast of Italy: its active harbor breaststroke as well as industrial fishing activities, and a tourist point of view, serves embarkation point for ferries to Croatia, Montenegro , Albania and Greece. Waiting to take the boat, we take the time to tour the historic center or a moment to bask on the beach Ancona also serves resort. Things to see and do in Ancona center of the tower We will quickly and its monuments: St. Cyriaque cathedral perched on a promontory, which immediately attracts attention, Trajan's Arch, Gothic architecture several buildings ... a trip to the archaeological museum full well the visit. But with the Adriatic, we quickly want to get in the water: some Ancona rocky beaches allow for a dip, but the beaches Type resort near vicinity are more appropriate for lounging on the sand. Climate and seasons it is nice to live in the Adriatic sea ... in April-May temperatures rise and shine, until its climax in July and August, high tourist season period. By shifting the season, it's quieter (and cheaper!). Ancona advice to travelers is an important port for passengers: the ferry connections connect Split, Zadar, Bar, Durres, Patras ... Useful if you are driving, you can embark with your vehicle and avoid a long drive through the Balkans. In season, however, take the time to book your tickets in advance, as there is in the world for shipping! Identity record