Amérique Centrale

Who has not dreamed of visiting the Latin American countries? who has never danced salsa, lambada, which has never vibrated at a pace reminiscent Hispanic beautiful women, good humor and sunshine all year round? Everyone knows Brazil, Argentina, Cuba and Colombia, except that in the middle of the American continent, there are no known countries can be, but very interesting to discover. Leave without waiting too long to explore Central America and its secrets. This part of Latin America extends from the southern border of Mexico to the northwest border of Colombia. This region contains 7 countries as beautiful as each other: Guatemala, Brazil, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. Things to see and do in Central America: Central America is full of places to discover. The best would be to sail along this part of the globe wide, but if lack of time or money you will have to choose only one destination Here are some suggestions: - Panama: If we were to retain one city Panama it will undoubtedly be the capital of the same name. This town is typical of Central America with its colorful buildings, cafes and music bars. Panama is crossed by the panama canal, very impressive and very long, it is among the most impressive rivers in the world and allows maritime transactions in several countries. One can also sit by the river, quietly sipping a drink and watch the sailboats and large boats that give a unique charm to this river. Very close to the city center, the pa

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