Say Allier is located in the heart of France not only metaphorical: Nassigny small town in the east of the department, would be the geographical center of the country! As everyone knows, the center of France is deeply rural, and Allier is no exception to the rule here in heaven green tourism! The hiking, outdoor sports, countrymen stays ... but also fitness, as the Allier account several important spas, the best known, Vichy. Things to see and do in Allier Going green: the Val de Cher, Sioule Valley, the Mountain Bourbonnais, Bourbonnais Sologne, Tronçais forest, etc, etc ... there is no account of the remarkable sites Allier, offering nature and varied landscapes, but also a lot of activities ... the ideal destination for a rural stay. Afford a fitness cure: the department has three cities with water, where one always sets out again on the right foot: Vichy, http: // www / tourism / bourbon-larchambault-71 Bourbon-Archambault and Neris-les-Bains. culinary and gastronomy There is something to enjoy in the Allier, local products are generous, strong, and sometimes surprising: have you ever taste of cock roupettes? The specialties are scrambling, a strong appetite will be required for all discover: include jumble pâté with potatoes, Charolais beef, Bourbonnais chicken, turkey of Jaligny, the pump graton the Chambérat the Piquenchagne few wines like the Holy Porçain ... even mineral waters are famous! Or sleep ? It's time to enjoy the rural accommodation, Hotels-friendly inns, lodges and bed and breakfasts, campsites or just ... Who says rural does not say necessarily lack of comfort, the charm of addresses Of the game ! Identity Population: 350000 inhabitants

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