Visit Algiers casbah and the bottom of the bay, Algiers is a port whose influence is true since ancient times, when the sailors come from Phoenicia established a trading post there. From antiquity to the present, it is saying that the Algiers was rich and eventful history; often victims of conflict, the Algerian capital has the '' martyrs monument '', iconic city building erected in memory of the war of Algeria. Located on a stunning coastal location, the sea front is a particularly popular areas of the city. In cons-up, the neighborhood of the Casbah means the old Algiers: narrow streets, old houses, palaces and mosques, a real link between the past and present of the city. Many other districts are also to be discovered, and when urban visit becomes heavy, it will not take long to reach the resorts and beaches around Algiers. Capital and largest city of Algeria, Algiers is situated on the northern coast of the country to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. With a metropolitan area of ??nearly 6.5 million inhabitants, it is the largest metropolis in the Maghreb. especially people come to discover its medina, one of the best preserved in the region. The city also has bathing facilities a few kilometers from the center with beautiful beaches and luxury hotels and restaurants that European visitors. &