In Lower Normandy, Alençon is the capital of a very rural department, the Orne, and lies on the border with http: //www.cityzeum .com / tourism / 72-Sarthe Sarthe ... that is, we are in the countryside! The natural area around Alençon match '' Normandy march ''; a quiet step, almost halfway between Caen and Le Mans. Must see and do in Alençon is perhaps not the most exciting destination of Normandy, but has some remains that we take the time to discover: the castle of the Dukes, or rather what remains , Notre Dame, a fine example of Gothic architecture ... do not forget to turn the side of -dentelle museum of Fine Arts and lace: lace is the great artisan specialty of Alencon. Then it's in the area that this is happening: the forest Ecouves, the Normandie-Maine Regional Natural Park and of Perche, green tourism lovers will be served! Where to stay in Alencon? You can find hotels in the center and neighboring towns ... For a fully countryside towards the houses and cottages, many in the area. Campsites meet outdoor needs. Some culinary specialties await you believed, earth as it should be in the Normandy countryside: the sausage, the caps, the sanguette, goose stew, the Sieur d'Alencon, the Doyenne pears appointment ... on the market and good restaurants in Alençon and around to enjoy it all. Identity Population: over 27,000 people ZIP code: 61000 Inhabitants: Alençon (e) Useful links Tourist Board http: // ww