Like Croatia and Montenegro in the Balkans, Albania is a beautiful coastal portion on the Adriatic, but unlike those two countries, it remains largely off the tourist routes in the region. As for the hinterland, difficult and mountainous, do not talk! cultural hub that combines various influences, Albania has retained an authenticity that can only delight the traveler ... Must Albania Tirana, the capital, an amazing city, colorful and lively, which are expressed all facets of contemporary Albania. The Albanian Riviera Vlora to Saranda, the southern coast of Albania, heavily cut, dotted with villages, is just beautiful! It takes time to go through these winding roads ... Some milestones: Berat, the 'city of a thousand windows', the historic district of Gjirokastra the archaeological site of Butrint, the three world heritage by Unesco. Shipping in the Albanian mountain: unspoiled landscapes, breathtaking reliefs, lost villages ... a route for seasoned traveler! Travel advice: Forget the Albanian mafia and its activities, which in no way relate to passing tourists: travel in Albania no risk, even if a particular focus will be on the roads can be poor and driving dangerous, especially at night ... caution! It is also not recommended to visit some remote border regions, including the border with Kosovo, where there are still tensions. Identity card Capital: Tirana Population: about 2.8 million inhabitants Language: alban