On the German side of the border, Aachen (Aachen) remains a border town close to Belgium and the Netherlands. Known primarily as the ancient capital of the empire of Charlemagne, Aachen attracts art lovers and architecture thanks to the remarkable historical heritage which has survived in the city. Things to see and do in Aachen: the unavoidable The Aachen Cathedral, whose construction began in the eighth century, figure Unesco World Heritage; it houses the tomb of Charlemagne. Stroll through the historic center, from the town hall, discover medieval remains of some museums, shopping, tranquil ambience ... Enjoy a wellness break in the baths of Aix la-Chapelle. In the surrounding industrial landscapes lovers will get their money, but there are also some pretty villages and campaigns that lingers in the vicinity. Lodging, where to sleep? various categories of hotels in the center of the pleasant, functional facilities just outside the city, convenient for a short stopover, up to you. The choice is quite wide but as often in Germany, best to book in advance. Identity Population: 260,000 inhabitants Region (Land): Rhine-Westphalia Links Website of city of Aachen ( including a French version) to see and do: Aachen and its tourism sites Aachen is a city in Germany, located in the Land of North Rhine Westphalia. It borders the Netherlands, Belgium and German borders. The city