Afrique du Sud

Since the end of apartheid, South Africa s' is wide open to tourism in full economic development, that is the richest country in sub-Saharan Africa. If you do not yet have had the opportunity to go on an adventure in Africa, it is time to pack up and s offer a trip to one of the most beautiful countries of the continent. You will be impressed by the richness of its culture and the warm welcome that you reserve the inhabitants! Discover South Africa vast territory of more than 1.2 million km & sup2 ;, South Africa abounds in wealth of a tourist point of view: national, nature reserves, mountains parks (eg the Drakensberg) drenched shores of the Atlantic and the Indian ocean, the wine route around Cape Town, Johannesburg. It is impossible to draw up a complete picture in a few lines! The 2010 World Cup is a sports competition held in South Africa from 11 June to 11 July 2010, for the 19th edition of the FIFA world Cup, a first on the African continent. Things to see and do in South Africa Nature is omnipresent in South Africa in various forms, plains, mountains, beaches, varied flora and fauna will leave you an impression: The Kruger National Park: it is a question of a reserve animal endless northeast of the country. It has the largest species diversity of the continent, you can admire the rich fauna and the local flora. No matter the amount of your budget you will have the opportunity to tame animals and therefore to photograph closely. The city of Durban is a paradise for lovers of beaches and sun and scuba diving enthusiasts, surfing or windsurfing. Located southeast of the country, its tropical climate lasts almost all year, you can visit whatever the time of year. The port city is one of the largest in the world. Falls of Augrabies are in the Northern Cape region. She

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