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  • A stay in Sousse and its surroundings

    Traveling is more than a physical movement from one place to another & hellip; Travel is rather a set of discoveries adorned by a sense of change of scenery. Organize a trip requires preparation in advance in order not to fall in the last minute of traps and distort all the plans we have set. Tunisia is among the best North African destinations. Country quiet, with very friendly people, from Tunisia joined the business with pleasure. In Tunisia we find everyone and especially for all budgets. The organized holidays are the best formula to make the most of the charms [...]

  • Tunisia practice, know

    Découvrir Tunis

    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital Tunis Population 10,777,500 Constitution Republic Language : Arabic, French Religion Muslim Entry requirements: Visa : For a stay of less than three months, a visa is not required but a valid passport is required Passport : Passport under obligatory validity . Silver Currency Tunisian [...]

  • The most beautiful cities of Tunisia

    Découvrir Tunis

    Fancy a trip to the sun in the countries of Mediterranean Africa? Tunisia offers many activities to suit all tastes. Whether traveling with friends, family or alone, Tunisian cities are ready to welcome you in a fairytale setting. These few cities will help you choose your next destination Tunisia. Tabarka, the city sunflowers You probably will notice the presence of planting sunflowers during your stay in this city of Tunisia. Tabarka offers a history to discover for tourists. You can visit the Genoese Fort of Tabarka or discover the famous statue of Bourguiba, a Tunisian militant [...]

  • A stay in Tabarka

    Découvrir Tunis

    Tunisia has always been a favorite destination for Europeans. warm climate, friendly people and party atmosphere, this small country of North Africa has always attracted tourists of every age and budget through its unparalleled charm. It is true that Tunisia is known for its coastal cities hottest, namely, Hammamet, Sousse and Djerba. That said, in recent years, a small town just north began to make a name: Tabarka Tabarka: A beautiful view of the coast of Tabarka from my hotel room Lying almost on the Tunisian-Algerian border, Tabarka is a small town that has a unique and [...]

  • Find a hotel in Tunisia.

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    Accommodation and tourist season in Tunisia. accommodation in Tunisia from simple residential hotel with luxurious five-star, through clubs apartments and small family hotels, which allows everyone to find an address that matches it. In general downgrade of a star compared to European standards. The coast of Tunisia with its beautiful beaches offers a special setting for beach holidays. Nothing d'étonnant that hotels have flourished on its coastline, turning old fishing villages in fashionable resorts or creating vast entertainment complexes where there was only sand. Djerba Tabarka, coastal [...]

  • A stay in Hammamet

    Plage d'hammamet

    Hammamet is a Tunisian town that lies north-east of Tunisia, in the Cap Bon. It is reputed to be one of the best resorts in Tunisia and the first tourist destination of the country. The city belongs administratively to the governorate of Nabeul. The city has 65,000 inhabitants but that number is multiplied by four during the summer. It is the preferred destination for Tunisians and many tourists mainly from Europe. Hammamet is mainly composed of two main zones: The center of Hammamet historically oldest and built around the Medina and South Hammamet, a resort designed especially for tourists. [...]

  • Find a hotel in Monastir.

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Monastir. Monastir are a port and resort located southeast of the Gulf of Hammamet, 160 kilometers south of Tunis. In Monastir, this is not the seductive elements missing: vast stretches of beaches, vistas breathtaking, beautiful countryside, exceptional sunshine and really friendly people ... Hotels are plentiful in Monastir, all hotel classic range is represented, the small family hotel to luxury hotel through the intermediate ranges. The Tunisian National Tourism Office (ONTT) annually undertakes a classification in 5 categories. Those classified have [...]

  • The history of Tunisia ... in outline

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    Not easy to sum up the rich history of Tunisia has a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we visit. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Antiquity: traces of human presence are evidenced on the Tunisian territory from the Paleolithic, the first inhabitants were Berbers and other peoples of East Africa and the Iberian Peninsula came aggregate. In the eighth century BC, the Phoenicians came to found the city of Carthage. This city will soon prosper and open counters in the [...]

  • An unforgettable weekend in Tunisia

    Découvrir Tunis

    Spend a weekend in Tunisia is synonymous with relaxation, discovery, admiring beautiful landscapes north to south. You have a choice of tours, starting with the capital. After putting your luggage in one of the hotels in town, go to the heart of the Medina, the old Tunisian town, home to the long traditional markets and admire the magnificent architecture of museums, steam rooms, and the Grand Mosque Al Zitouna. If you fancy a change of scenery, you can take the bus to the coastal area of ​​the southern suburbs, starting from the chute remains of Roman ruins, to the beautiful sandy beaches with [...]

  • Extend the summer in Hammamet

    Plage d'hammamet

    How about to extend the summer in Hammamet along the Tunisian coastal zone? Alone or accompanied, a warm welcome awaits you in one of the majestic hotels of the most attractive seaside resort in the country, for very affordable prices. A wide range of choices available to you . We recommend a stay of activity between thalassotherapy sessions, diving and one or two of golf at one of the clubs in the city. Start your stay in the hands of Tunisian professional massages, between Shiatsu, hot stone friction and Jacuzzi sessions, you will be able to evacuate all the negative vibes you have accumulated [...]

  • The most beautiful cafes in the city of Sousse

    You're living in Sousse in Tunisia? You do not know what corner attend? And yet, you are in the city number 1 of Tunisian tourism. Where activities abound and where you will be bored under any circumstances. First major destination, Montmartre, Coffee Khezama. A must with its intimate and friendly atmosphere. It serves excellent coffee with homemade pancakes. Specialty coffee, their breakfast, simple but delicious and low prices. Subsequently, push the door famous Tom and Jerry in Sousse center (Corniche). You will find a family friendly atmosphere. The ideal place to eat and drink at will and [...]

  • Find a hotel in Tozeur.

    Vacances à Tozeur

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Tozeur. Tunisian tourist resort situated in an oasis at the entrance of the Sahara, Tozeur is known as the gateway to the desert. Many tourists come and go in Tozeur with organized tours but you will easily find a hotel in Tozeur individually. You will find in the center of Tozeur many small hotels enjoyable and affordable. Ask all the same to visit the rooms before you make your key, because comfort can vary from one room to another. Climbing in the categories, you get air conditioning, ventilation or at least, bigger rooms, better soundproofing. The low [...]

  • Find a hotel in Tunis.


    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Tunis. Tunis, the economic and political capital of Tunisia, is a fascinating city due to its double culture, you have a genuine Tunis side with its medina and on the other hand the modern Tunis with its boulevards and avenues. In Tunis, there are three types of accommodation; smaller institutions inherited from the colonial era, the small family hotels as well as luxury buildings belonging to international hotel chains. In Tunis do not deprive yourself of staying in higher category hotel (four or five stars): they are usually cheaper than in France; adding [...]

  • From club in Tunisia

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    clubs and hotels stays in Tunisia Tunisia quickly taken advantage of its tourism potential to become a major destination in the Mediterranean. Certainly, the country has seen major changes at the political level, but hotels clubs, themselves, have remained the same. In less frequented probably ... but it's probably temporary, as Tunisia appears attractive prices that can only attract the eye of anyone who is in need of holiday in the sun. To develop its tourism, Tunisia did not go around the bush, and large resorts have flourished in all the resorts of the country. In parallel, the package resort, [...]

  • Wellness stay in Tunisia. Ideas for your holidays

    Découvrir Tunis

    There is no better break from the daily that changing skies. Tunisia, close to France, offers a change of scenery while ensuring comfort with European standards. There is a lot to see in Tunisia, including the famous medieval village of Sidi Bou Said with white houses and blue shutters overlooking the Gulf of Tunis. The son of paved streets, you will arrive at the cafe mats where you can enjoy a delicious mint tea while admiring the incredible panorama that unfolds before your eyes. This village perched on the hill will disconnect you from all your worries. You can also make an immersion in [...]

  • Stay in Djerba: what to see and do?

    Vacances soleil et farniente à Djerba

    What can we do during his stay in Djerba? Here's one question to ask! The island of Djerba is an unsettling calm, it offers visitors a mild climate throughout the year away from high winds resulting in a stunning sea. No empty promise, we assure you that it is practically possible to swim in the sea all year round. The major attraction in Djerba is the beach and the sand. You can get there to clearly enjoy the beauty of the setting. In most cases it is a few hours flight from most major European cities. After tanned under a blazing sun you will accompany your visit with a cultural note and [...]

  • Practical advice to buy a cheaper ticket for Tunisia

    Découvrir Tunis

    Given the diversity of prices of flights offered by each company for Tunisia, buy a plane ticket requires some tips that should be implemented when buying cheaper tickets. Although check dates, times, locations, destinations served and the services offered to boarding or during the flight. For this, we must take advantage of a cheap airline, with their airline info where each offer and important details are presented. Thus, it is easier to retain a cheap airline ticket to knowing which airline the person is dealing with. Do not hesitate to consult the comparator flight, because it is a powerful [...]

  • Discount airline ticket to Tunis


    During a trip to Tunis, from the number of choices of tickets that are offered to the various flight companies, there is the type of airline ticket discount for this destination. For this, the price is among the lowest all year with great confidence unforeseen, all for a better price. Note that tariffs are TTC. Moreover, it is possible to request a flight to Tunis at the lowest price in online stores with all the security assurances. Thus, it is best to access offers regular flights to be able to go there and then enjoy a stay of discovery and relaxation in a beautiful setting. To better manage [...]

  • Find a hotel in Hammamet.

    Plage d'hammamet

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Hammamet. Hammamet is the oldest seaside resort in Tunisia, it is distinguished by its many lush parks and gardens, as well as its beautiful Medina. A green city so full of character, or the size of houses should not exceed that of the cypress. But Hammamet especially attracts its world with its beautiful beaches and large modern hotels offering excellent service. There is also a plethora of bars and restaurants. Fashion is more to the resort with entertainment and nightclubs as quiet boutique hotels. So you will find mostly large hotels 3 and 4 star hotels [...]

  • Find a hotel in Djerba.

    Vacances soleil et farniente à Djerba

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Djerba. accommodation in Djerba will of the residence at the luxurious five-star establishment, through clubs and small family hotels. Everyone should find a room that matches it. club stays and all-inclusive formulas prevail and are generally cheaper. However, book a hotel apart can allow more flexibility. In general downgrade of a star compared to European standards. The low tourist season is from January to February. Hotel prices then drop significantly, unlike June, July and August are the months of high tourist numbers. Normally the room rate is always [...]