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  • Find a hotel in Tunis.


    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Tunis. Tunis, the economic and political capital of Tunisia, is a fascinating city due to its double culture, you have a genuine Tunis side with its medina and on the other hand the modern Tunis with its boulevards and avenues. In Tunis, there are three types of accommodation; smaller institutions inherited from the colonial era, the small family hotels as well as luxury buildings belonging to international hotel chains. In Tunis do not deprive yourself of staying in higher category hotel (four or five stars): they are usually cheaper than in France; adding [...]

  • Discount airline ticket to Tunis


    During a trip to Tunis, from the number of choices of tickets that are offered to the various flight companies, there is the type of airline ticket discount for this destination. For this, the price is among the lowest all year with great confidence unforeseen, all for a better price. Note that tariffs are TTC. Moreover, it is possible to request a flight to Tunis at the lowest price in online stores with all the security assurances. Thus, it is best to access offers regular flights to be able to go there and then enjoy a stay of discovery and relaxation in a beautiful setting. To better manage [...]