Magazine Sousse

  • A stay in Sousse and its surroundings

    Traveling is more than a physical movement from one place to another & hellip; Travel is rather a set of discoveries adorned by a sense of change of scenery. Organize a trip requires preparation in advance in order not to fall in the last minute of traps and distort all the plans we have set. Tunisia is among the best North African destinations. Country quiet, with very friendly people, from Tunisia joined the business with pleasure. In Tunisia we find everyone and especially for all budgets. The organized holidays are the best formula to make the most of the charms [...]

  • The most beautiful cafes in the city of Sousse

    You're living in Sousse in Tunisia? You do not know what corner attend? And yet, you are in the city number 1 of Tunisian tourism. Where activities abound and where you will be bored under any circumstances. First major destination, Montmartre, Coffee Khezama. A must with its intimate and friendly atmosphere. It serves excellent coffee with homemade pancakes. Specialty coffee, their breakfast, simple but delicious and low prices. Subsequently, push the door famous Tom and Jerry in Sousse center (Corniche). You will find a family friendly atmosphere. The ideal place to eat and drink at will and [...]