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  • The unique nature of Madagascar

    Nosy Be

    During your stay in Madagascar, you will be amazed by the unique beauty of its nature. In the city or in the forest. Madagascar remains a haven for nature lovers. The legendary diversity of its fauna and flora, will take you to a colorful paradise. If you head towards the east coast, you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery that you will contemplate. Once you are at the foot of the reserve Daraina, you'll be amazed by rare species you will encounter. Go to Marojejy National Park or cohabiting at least 275 species of ferns, 35 palms, 149 reptiles and 118 birds. Move again in the northern region [...]

  • Find a hotel in Madagascar.


    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Madagascar. The hotel infrastructure of Madagascar is moderately developed, there are few hotels and the value for money is not always good. If we find all the classic range of hotel, luxury resort in budget hotel. Hotels are sorted, but it is necessary to downgrade one or two stars by European standards. Many starred hotels use their location and prestige to increase their prices, but the quality does not always follow. Hotels are a little more expensive in Antananarivo, Nosy Be and Sainte-Marie. Elsewhere accommodation is cheap but often very basic. Showers [...]

  • The history of Madagascar ... broadly

    Not easy to summarize the history of Madagascar in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we visit. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Until XVI: The ancient history of Madagascar is unknown, it appears that the first inhabitants are from Indonesia and East Africa. From the XIIth century, many trade links are forged with the Arabs creating a lasting influence. The first Europeans to settle in the island are the Portuguese, Diego Diaz berths in 1500 and Fernando Suarez [...]

  • Madagascar practice, know


    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital Antananarivo People 21 million inhabitants . Constitution Transitional Government Language : Malagasy, French Religion Christian Entry requirements: Visa : A short stay visa (less than three months) is mandatory. It can be issued on arrival at the airport. It is free for less than a month and paid beyond [...]

  • Travel in Madagascar: tips, tricks and practical information


    Among the dream destinations in the world, Madagascar occupies a rather important ranking for the landscapes, flora and fauna that it offers. Lemurs turtles and frogs, through the whales, this island a little larger than France continues to attract visitors with its diverse flora and landscapes breathtaking. Madagascar has more than 50 national parks, it is considered a true natural conservatory, or museum of living where flora and fauna offer a thousand faces to the delight of its visitors. the landscapes are the thing for which is known the island worldwide, sandy beaches of the Indian ocean, [...]