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  • Find a hotel in Mont-Saint-Michel.

    Le Mont-Saint-Michel

    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Mont-Saint-Michel. Mont Saint-Michel is the most visited tourist site Normandy and the second in France (after Paris) with more than 3 million visitors each year. The abbey is ranked on the list of historical monuments on the UNESCO list of World Heritage. Many visitors throughout the year so as such the hotel park is well developed. The hotel offers to the Mont Saint Michel ranges from small family hotels to large four-star hotels through small intramural boutique hotels. The cost of accommodation is relatively high especially in summer. For cheap accommodation [...]

  • Directions: a few days at Mont-Saint-Michel

    Baie du Mont Saint Michel

    Mont Saint-Michel, as exceptional as it is, does not really justify more than one or two day visit: the site is not very big, you'll quickly made the rounds. But the charm of these alleys retain some longer, sometimes much more ... What is important with the Mont Saint Michel, is to accurately measure the extent of its tourists: there may be a lot of people during the day, which does not necessarily benefit the quality the visit of course. In the same idea, it will cling to find something to stay for the duration of the stay without breaking the bank too. Several choices: a romantic weekend [...]