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  • Find a hotel in Rouen.


    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Rouen. In addition to its famous cathedral, Rouen is known for its important historical heritage. It is therefore designated City of Art and History. Because of its tourism potential, Rouen has many hotels, classified hotels, charming hotels, guest houses, rooms in the castle, camping, youth hostel ... You choose the accommodation that suits you better to stay in Rouen. In the luxury category, find all the amenities of an upscale hotel with a sauna, steam room, treatment rooms, swimming pool, suites, gourmet restaurants or fitness center. Or indulge in unusual [...]

  • The 10 best restaurants Rouen


    Great city of Normandy, Rouen is a must for lovers of art and history, but also for gourmets: the city of steeples cents could be the city of a hundred good restaurants! It remains to make a choice among the many tables of Rouen: this is where the top 10 best restaurants in Rouen all categories . 1-Gill Totally unavoidable, Gill is one of the most famous addresses in the ville.Bien located on the banks of the Seine, this gourmet restaurant wins all the votes, service, surroundings and impeccable cuisine. Address: 9 Quai of the Exchange, 76000 Rouen Telephone: +33 2 35 71 16 14 2-La [...]

  • Selection: 5 Cheap hotels in Rouen


    Cheap hotels in Rouen are mainly located on the outskirts of the city. Nevertheless some addresses formatted least offer rooms at reasonable prices, being also closer to the city center. In Rouen the following hotels will offer you good value for prices below 50 euros per night for a double room. 5 Cheap hotels in Rouen We recommend that you first the Hotel Morand , a hotel close to St Paul's station and walk from Rouen-historic center. (1 Rue Morand). This 2-star hotel is housed in a mansion of the seventeenth century, renovated it offers clean and simple rooms with free Wi-Fi and a [...]

  • The history of Rouen ... broadly


    Not easy to summarize the history of Rouen in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the city that we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. ancient At the Gallo-Roman, a small city grows and becomes the capital of the tribe Veliocasses, a Gallic Celtic people. This is the ancestor of Rouen will become the 2nd largest city after city Gaulle Lugdunum (Lyon). From IIIéme century the town suffered barbarian invasions and Christianized. Rouen is ravaged by the Vikings in 841. [...]

  • Discover Trouville in Caux


    Enjoy the rest in this city of Seine-Maritime formed by the unification of Trouville and Alliquerville. Most hotel establishments are at the outer of the city: they are equipped with every comfort and have varying rates. Nevertheless, you can already rent a hotel for the night from 30 euros. To find a cheap room, we must see the hotel on Fecamp Bolbec. It's a pretty simple establishment, but the rooms are tidy. In this hotel even offers family rooms, accommodations are also equipped with private bathrooms and televisions. You'll have a heart for the Normotel of Caudebec-en-Caux. Rooms overlook [...]

  • Yvetot for Norman holidays

    The small town of Yvetot is full of curiosities. In particular you can admire the St. Peter Church and stained with amazing dimensions. You also have the Museum of Ivories, which belongs to the municipality. To stay on site you will find some charming cottages and inns, rustic kind enough without that comfort is to be pitied. At Le Havre hotel you can quietly enjoy the countryside from the comfortable rooms with TVs. These are also equipped with a private bathroom. In addition to free parking, a meeting room is available to guests and the hotel accepts pets. The Inn at Val Cesne is an essential [...]

  • Dieppe, the port of travelers

    The city has several hotels of different categories. With an average price of 40 euros, Les rollers is a genuine resort in the heart of the city. Around 60 euros, there is the Wind, 10 minutes from the center of Dieppe with excellent catering. The Grand Hotel du Casino de Dieppe overlooking the sea from its facility at the foot of Castle Dieppe. The Beach of the hotel is facing the sea and not far from the city. The Logis Windsor is a one minute walk from the Casino and 6 minutes from the Spa. From 80 euros, the hotel of Europe offers a view of the sea not far from the picturesque harbor. Promotional [...]

  • Discover a modern city with Le Havre and its port

    Le Havre is a big city, and for centuries: this is how she gets the title of city of art and history with its many museums and historical monuments. The center of town is redesigned by Perret after the Second World War and that it is to be a World Heritage Site, is exceptional enough for modern works. Accomodation in Le Havre, you can find more than a thousand rooms, the night between 40 and 200 euros. If you want a stay in a dream setting, choose the hotel Pasino with its four stars instead Jules Ferry. The quality of service, luxurious furnishings, the Spa center for rooms and suites will delight [...]

  • City recreation and crafts in Tréport Seine-Maritime

    In the city of Le Tréport, the Channel and pebble beaches allow water sports, while activities related to tourism and recreation have developed (restaurants, gambling houses, etc.). The town also features original attractions the chalk cliffs, the museum of the artist doll or glass workshops flame. Overall, on-site accommodation is simple but you can find every comfort. There must be between 45 and 200 euros in the hotels of the city. The Cise, Rooms and Suites, near the wood of the same name is one of the most popular establishments, particularly because of its magnificent view overlooking the [...]

  • Visit the beautiful village of Le Bec-Hellouin in Normandy

    Traditional houses bristling with woods and flowers blooming on their fronts lend a special charm to the town of Le Bec-Hellouin. The main tourist attraction is the Abbey of the same name with its center of national monuments. To stay in the city of Le Bec-Hellouin and its surroundings, there must be between 40 and 200 euros: prices vary according to class of hotels. Among the cheapest, Le Soloro is located in Fontaine la Soret. It offers free Wi-Fi and a large courtyard that has a garden. Otherwise, you can contact the Best Hotel in Bourg Achard, the Acadine hotel Neuburg and the Grand Saint-Martin [...]

  • The architecture of the Chateau Gaillard in the town's Andélys

    The ruins of Chateau Gaillard are among the sights there is to see in the city the Andélys: these relics dating from the 12th century and settled in the ground on the Seine valley. One can also see on the spot the Nicolas Poussin museum and church of Our Lady of Andélys. For accommodation in the town, a room is between 40 and 200 euros. You will find comfortable accommodations in the town, but the periphery offers more possibilities and choices. In the village, you have the hotel The Golden Chain, a three star hotel housed in a small 18th century castle. The views in the rooms are as beautiful [...]

  • Criel- sur-Mer, where the affluent seaside resorts.

    Recommended hotels in this city have prices ranging from 50 to 90 euros. With an average of 50 euros, Hostellerie De La Vieille Ferme located between Dieppe and Tréport, the spectacle of the sea and the highest cliffs in Europe and bike rentals for hiking. fishing can be practiced and organize a barbecue party. It features a casino, meeting rooms and a reception room for VIPs. The other hotels are located in the nearby cities of Criel-sur-Mer. 5minutes, Tréport is the seat of the Calais hotel. It is conveniently located 300 meters from the beach. La Villa Marine, established in Anglo-Norman building [...]

  • FECAMPet its hotels

    Many hotels are available in the area. They are well distributed in the city. If you prefer, the heights of the cliffs, go for Ferme De La Chapelle in peaceful surroundings and panoramic views and for about 65 euros. By cons, you who love the edges, the Hotel de la Plage or the Hotel de La Mer would suit you. 50m from the beach, the Creperie and an English pub in the hotel of England will allow you to relax with family or friends. On the Marina Fecamp, Le Grand Pavois will accommodate you in a piano bar atmosphere. For budget accommodation, the Etap Hotel Fécamp with its comfortable rooms will [...]

  • Giverny, a haven of peace near the Seine

    Small town with Norman charms, Giverny offers an ideal setting for those who need to recharge away from the metropolises animations. 4 km from the center you will find the Hotel Normandy which is a 3 star establishment. It offers modern rooms in several forms (single, double, triple, family, twin, etc.). Also in the outskirts of Giverny, Saint Marcel specifically, the Baritone Restaurant is located on rue des Acacias while the Du Haut Marais is located on the Route de Rouen. They both offer accommodation to two stars near the river. Better Internet is definitely the hotel Le Moulin Du Bechet, [...]

  • Luxury accommodation in castles in Gisors

    The center of Gisors offers few lodging choices. Most notable hotel establishments are located within 5 km and they are not for budget travelers. This is the Château de la Rapee, which offers accommodation in a 5-star English country house of the nineteenth century. Another luxury establishment is the Chateau De Bertichères part of the Golf Country Club of Chaumont-en-Vexin. Offering the comfort of three stars, it includes a golf course with 18 holes, tennis courts, a volleyball court and a riding center. This is an ideal base for sports lovers. Not far away, the Domaine de Rebetz is also a luxury [...]

  • Visit the beautiful village of Lyons-la-Foret

    The beneficial part of the beautiful town of Lyons-La-Forêt deserves to be visited: There was first the forest but also the two rivers (the Lieure and Fouillebroc). Among the various historical relics, you can admire the Saint-Denis church built in the 17th century with its unique nave sandstone and flint. There must be between 60 and 120 euros for a night in hotels in Lyons-la-Foret. Du Grand Cerf & Spa is included in the category of the most luxurious resorts: its three stars is located in the heart of a building of the 17th century and also includes a spa. La Licorne and spa also boasts sumptuous [...]

  • Pacy-sur-Eure, the city of bridges

    Eure passes in the middle of the town of Pacy-sur-Eure by a main arm and some side arms: the many bridges that span worth a stroll through the city. In addition, this town situated in the outskirts of Evreux curiosity as the famous church of Saint-Aubin of Pacy-sur-Eure. For lodging in Pacy-sur-Eure, it must instead look outside the city. The surrounding hotels are relatively new and well equipped, there must be at least 40 euros to rent a room nearby. The most competitive hotel is the first class on the national road to Evreux. The property has double and triple rooms in an excellent area from [...]

  • Jumièges and surrounding area, ideal base for hikers

    Small Norman charming town, Jumièges has few hotel establishments. The most notorious turns out to be Le Clos Des Fontaines who seems to have attracted many travelers surfers. This boutique hotel is a beautiful half-timbered house, nestled in an apple orchard on the rue des Fontaines. A little further, the Best Hotel de Bourg Achard offers comfortable accommodation with a restaurant serving gourmet buffet dishes. Near the old town of Rouen, the center of the Roumare forest, the hotel Le Relais de Montigny is an ideal base for walkers. The nature lovers can stay at Le Cheval bench which is a beautiful [...]

  • Mont-Saint-Aignan, a relaxing getaway on the outskirts of Rouen

    Small community located near Rouen, Mont-Saint-Aignan little account of hotel establishments the most notable of which are the Kyriad Rouen-Nord located on the outskirts of the city and home to a popular restaurant. Otherwise there is also the Campanile Rouen Nord. Both institutions offer budget accommodation. To have more choice of accommodation, you can go to the city of Rouen, located only 2 km from Mont-Saint-Aignan. You can choose between the hotel Le Depart, Best Western Hôtel du Vieux Marché, the Mercure Rouen Center, Best Western Hotel de Dieppe, Sisley, etc. If you are looking for a luxury [...]