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  • A stay in Hammamet

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    Hammamet is a Tunisian town that lies north-east of Tunisia, in the Cap Bon. It is reputed to be one of the best resorts in Tunisia and the first tourist destination of the country. The city belongs administratively to the governorate of Nabeul. The city has 65,000 inhabitants but that number is multiplied by four during the summer. It is the preferred destination for Tunisians and many tourists mainly from Europe. Hammamet is mainly composed of two main zones: The center of Hammamet historically oldest and built around the Medina and South Hammamet, a resort designed especially for tourists. [...]

  • Extend the summer in Hammamet

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    How about to extend the summer in Hammamet along the Tunisian coastal zone? Alone or accompanied, a warm welcome awaits you in one of the majestic hotels of the most attractive seaside resort in the country, for very affordable prices. A wide range of choices available to you . We recommend a stay of activity between thalassotherapy sessions, diving and one or two of golf at one of the clubs in the city. Start your stay in the hands of Tunisian professional massages, between Shiatsu, hot stone friction and Jacuzzi sessions, you will be able to evacuate all the negative vibes you have accumulated [...]

  • Find a hotel in Hammamet.

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    Accommodation and tourist seasons in Hammamet. Hammamet is the oldest seaside resort in Tunisia, it is distinguished by its many lush parks and gardens, as well as its beautiful Medina. A green city so full of character, or the size of houses should not exceed that of the cypress. But Hammamet especially attracts its world with its beautiful beaches and large modern hotels offering excellent service. There is also a plethora of bars and restaurants. Fashion is more to the resort with entertainment and nightclubs as quiet boutique hotels. So you will find mostly large hotels 3 and 4 star hotels [...]