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  • Musée Angladon - Collection Jacques Doucet - Avignon


    The art collection of a pioneer in high fashion   The Musée Angladon - Collection Jacques Doucet is one of the most attractive museums of Avignon. Located in the heart of the city, it is a beautiful 18th century building, conceived as a house museum, in accordance with the testamentary wishes of its founders, artists Jean Angladon (1906-1979) and Paulette Martin (1905-1988). Its deep mission is to share with the public the sumptuous collection of paintings and furniture inherited from the couturier Jacques Doucet (1853-1929), a pioneer in high fashion, connoisseur and valuable patron [...]

  • travel market place


    Top chrono, it remains a week: Valentine's Day is fast approaching and the gift is still not found?, the travel inspiration engine, helps lovers (and travelers!) Find an accommodation or activity among more than 3 million suggestions around the world. On the program of the celebrations: find a hotel with terrace near the Rialto, stroll alongside a swimming pool near the beach in Corsica, visit Madrid, make a trek in Morocco, sleep in a houseboat in Avignon or even get a loft in New -York, .... and for the most mowed, a selection of more than 1000 special offers. As a bonus, lovers [...]

  • Expatriation: sell his car before departure

    A professional career, we know, is rarely plain sailing: this is increasingly true in today's world! Opportunities are to take leave, and in the first case, to grasp quickly. An example: an expatriation offer, and you're on the go! Start Preparations begin soon, but what of the car? That the expatriation project occurs unexpectedly, a job offer abroad that one can pass up, or is the result of a long preparation, separate from his car remains one of the most burdensome procedures to perform. Unless href="">

  • 7 tips for traveling with your dog

    For a pleasant and safe trip with your pet dog, be aware that there are some tips to consider. 1- Make sure your dog can pass the border The establishment of an international health certificate for your dog is essential to be able to travel all over the world. The validation of all its documents is made by the county department in charge of protecting the population. 2- Think comfort of your dog If you are traveling by plane, there is a maximum permissible weight for the dog by the airlines. Learn 3- Consider giving him painkillers To prevent your dog is nervous, ask your veterinarian [...]

  • Who really is medical tourism?

    France is currently at the heart of the expansion of medical tourism, this cultural phenomenon often considered taboo. But ultimately, why he carries this term such a negative connotation? Access to care is a universal and fundamental right. Yet medical tourism meets the growing demand of patients who are unable to seek treatment - because of too high costs, stringent latency or weak health systems. Contrary to what is said on the side of public sector advocates, medical tourism is not a capitalist creation designed to make the hospital a business. Instead, medical tourism is patient [...]

  • 10 unusual destinations and cheap in Europe

    The proliferation of low cost flights has opened the doors to many tourist destinations. Some of them are still a little apart, and are of an unusual nature that does not lack charm. To select our 10 unusual destinations and cheap, entry rule out long-haul flights and travel outside Europe / Mediterranean. Too expensive ! Above all remaining destinations to discover not far from us at affordable prices ... Bulgaria like winter Emerging Destinations, Bulgaria has many assets for French tourists. There Sofia or Plovdiv, pleasant heritage cities, beaches and seaside resorts of the Black Sea as [...]

  • Off piste: attention danger

    seasoned skier will tell you: difficult to match the pleasures of slipping off the track! This is the only way to ski beyond a landscaped environment, closer to nature through mountain scenery stunning! The pleasures of backcountry If the off-piste skiing is not an activity accessible to everyone, it remains a legal practice that asks everyone to take responsibility facing the risk. This is indeed hurtling ungroomed slopes covered with virgin powder, a treat for lovers of the mountain. Of course, off piste skiing requires a big technical level and an ability to read a snowy landscape to [...]

  • The major international ski competitions

    Skiing is a sport practiced by many. Every winter, from late December to March, a peak attendance in February, numerous vacationers head to the French ski resorts in the Alps, Pyrenees, Jura, Vosges or the Massif Central, not to mention the foreign stations. A sport that touches so many followers, and which is also practiced at the highest level: every year has its share of international competitions, to determine among the major sports of skiing the best of his discipline. Among his various trials, the typical person, even if he enjoys skiing, can not navigate. Admittedly, skiing competitions [...]

  • Skiing in Europe: destinations?

    In France, we are spoiled for skiing and winter sports of all kinds: with beautiful altitude ranges such as the Alps or the Pyrenees, where quality ski resorts are common, and pretty massive themselves as open to skiing with the Jura, the Vosges and Massif Central is plenty to choose from for a winter stay. But for those who want to change horizons and go skiing in Europe, the solutions are not lacking ... gleaming resorts in the Swiss Alps to inexpensive resorts more to the east, Bulgaria, in Europe there are all kinds of ski destinations, the classic to the most original stay off the beaten [...]

  • The 3 Valleys, know

    Among the most extensive ski areas of France, the 3 Valleys is also among the largest ... in the world! We're talking about a real paradise for skiers: hundreds of kilometers of ski slopes, many activities and winter sports, heavy snow, the spectacular scenery of the Alps ... not to mention the stations area deemed well beyond the borders of France. Originally designed to compete with the major Swiss and Austrian areas, the 3 Valleys have exceeded all expectations ... it is now a must for any ski enthusiast, from beginner to professional of skiing. The 3 Valleys In the heart of the Alps, [...]

  • Top 10 Destinations Erasmus Europe

    Currently, more and more young people decide to go abroad to continue their study. This also allows to discover a whole new world, a culture apart from that you have experienced in your home country. In order to enable students to improve their knowledge in a country of Europe, the Erasmus system grants scholarships to the most deserving people. Here are some destinations that will help you choose your next place of study. Bologna in Italy, a popular destination Discover the Italian culture starting to study at Bologna, it is a dream for many young students. The country of love and gastronomy [...]

  • The 15 best Belgian beers to taste!

    La Belgique

    Belgium has little known and recognized wineries, culinary specialties are restricted chocolate and some others (fries ....) but Belgium beers that are recognized, no doubt, as the best the world. 1. Chimay White This is called beer Trappist beer. This means that the Chimay and all other Trappist beers are brewed under control fans monks beers. And yes, they exist! Relatively strong and moderately long finish, this is one of the best Belgian beers for sure! 2. Westmalle Triple The triple westmalle is a Trappist beer. To believe that the Belgian monks controlling the manufacture of [...]

  • 10 Belgian expressions for your listening pleasure.

    La Belgique

    Belgium has three main regions of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. It follows countless dialects. Suffice to say that, for the uninitiated, some expressions are disconcerting and incomprehensible. Here is a small selection. Not maybe. The flat country is renowned for its surrealism and include it into the language. Thus, if in the French "no" expresses negation, know that Belgium is not necessarily the case. "No" associated with "maybe" means "Yes". Example: "Would you get rich?" / "No, maybe!" Oufi . This typical Liège interjection is used all the sauces. It is usually used to emphasize [...]

  • The most beautiful towns in Croatia to discover or rediscover

    Croatia attracts more and more tourists come to enjoy its beautiful beaches or romantic cities in the rich historical heritage. The architecture of certain neighborhoods reflects the whole culture of this beautiful country with unquestionable treasures. Among the outstanding heritage, we can retain some of these wonderful cities that we never get tired of visiting. Split When we speak of the beauty of the cities of Croatia must clearly address its capital, Split, also identified as one of the largest cities in the region. In the center, we discover an impressive architectural complex with [...]

  • Skiing in the Vosges: change air this winter

    The Vosges are far from the largest mountain massif of France, remaining behind when the winter comes and the ski back on the front of the stage. Yet the altitudes of the Vosges mountains, although modest, do offer some nice tracks to hit ... and these landscapes are a delight for cross-country skiing!

  • The 10 most beautiful zoo in France

    Everyone has not the chance to go on safari or at the other end of the world to see exotic animals. In France, several zoos exist quality, quality that is expressed in the number of species that can be seen, but above all on the conditions of preservation of animals! The 10 zoos that follow are equally respectful of nature and animal protection they are fun to visit. The 10 best zoos in France: Zoo Palmyra in Charente-Maritime Certainly one of the very best zoos in France, the reputation of the Palmyre zoo extends beyond borders. In the pleasant surroundings of the Landes forest, close to [...]

  • The 10 most beautiful beaches in France

    Not easy to draw the top 10 best beaches in France ... with nearly 4000km coastline, we doubt that the hexagon contains a multitude of beautiful beaches, all sizes and all types! The top 10 best beaches toured France to choose fairly beaches as varied as possible, in the image of the beautiful diversity of marine landscapes of the country: Channel, Atlantic, Mediterranean, each will then select his favorite coastline. So no particular order, here are 10 beaches not to miss throughout France: The Cap Blanc Nez, Opal Coast, Nord-Pas-de-Calais The Opal Coast is not the one that attracts the [...]

  • Top 10 mythic hiking in France

    In France, hiking trails are endless and allow to walk across the country. Among the numerous GR paths of Great Excursion, many are distinguished by exceptional features: scenic beauty, quality of the course, walking opportunities through heritage or cultural significance ... we have kept ten, the top 10 hikes mythical in France: 1-Corsica from north to south, the GR 20 Certainly the most legendary of National Trails France. GR 20 crosses Corsica from north to south, the village of Conza Calenza than through massive and its edges: a mountain hike and demanding, with challenging and steep [...]

  • The 10 most beautiful golf courses in France

    Golf, although not the most accessible sport that is, has largely developed in France: the first golf course was founded in Pau ( frequented by many English course) in 1856. Today there are more than 500 golf courses across France ... for lovers of the green and of course memorable, here are the 10 most beautiful golf courses in France: 1-Morfontaine Golf Not far from Ermenonville, we are in the heart of the Oise, the town of Morfontaine. This is where the great architect Tom Simpson created golf a 9 original holes and the famous Grand Course, a 18 memorable holes, known for its natural [...]

  • The 10 festivals not to be missed this summer in France

    The summer is the season of festivals: the long days and the nights invite to the outputs and good humor, and all over France, will organize festivities around different themes, music, theater, dance ... and the choice is wide, the international scope festival small festival in the area. Cityzeum has selected a top 10 festivals not to be missed this summer there will be something for everyone ! Solidays festival in Paris This music festival is double duty, as the Solidays is organized by Solidarité Sida with the objective of helping in the fight against this disease: the proceeds are donated [...]

  • Skiing in December and at Christmas: good to know before booking your stay

    In the highest resorts in the Alps, the first snow covers the slopes from the months of October and November. Since December, any station beyond 1000 meters should get his fill of snow, to open them gradually all their tracks ... with the need, a little bit of snow gun! < / p> December: the beginning of the season Month corresponding to the first significant snowfall of December is considered the beginning of the season in the mountains of France. The stations are prepared to welcome the first customers, accommodation reopen after the summer break, seasonal prepare for an intense season. [...]

  • Skiing at Christmas: the top station

    You know roughly where to go, but what are the most popular resorts for a memorable Christmas? Small top 10 to make the point: 1-La Clusaz its just all a festival that animates La Clusaz throughout the week of Christmas, with many shows for children and adults . Thorens 2-Val: in addition to a guaranteed quay snow, Val Thorens resort, open all season, offers a special atmosphere for Christmas . 3-Avoriaz Avoriaz pushes the envelope every year at Christmas, with fireworks, animations, and overall, a friendly and festive atmosphere nice . 4-Plagne: Santa Claus can be perceived in many ski resorts [...]

  • Ski holidays for Christmas Eve and New Year: the smart traveler guide

    Contrary to what one might think, Noel does not yet match the peak season in the winter sports resorts. Indeed, on many massive, snowfalls are not always enough in December to offer a full ski performance, which repels many licensed skiers who prefer to ensure pending the month of February ... So back to December: an interesting time, few people, low price, until the period of Christmas and New Year's Day, which, due to school holidays and public holidays, sees land first wave of holiday: family tourism Noel, more festive course around the New Year . However, and if you time it right, this [...]

  • How to choose your skis?

    Cross country skiing is a separate discipline that requires a minimum of knowledge to be practiced in good conditions. Before you go for long walks roads of his skis, better know how to choose the right equipment. Wrong size, wrong adjusted weight ... cross country hours can quickly turn to execution in poor conditions! Here are some tips for choosing your equipment. The physical and practice There are several factors to consider when choose your skis, which can be grouped into two broad categories: on one hand, your physical is important. The size and weight of the person influence the practice [...]

  • Skier before Christmas: the first openings resorts in France

    autumn settles permanently, and as the days pass by, it looks like more and more in the winter. And who said winter, said ski season which starts! For the impatient, hard to wait until February and peak season ... no, far from as early as December, taking advantage of the fares low season! But then, snow level, nothing is assured in December. The schedule of the first ski resorts to open in December in France, but remember, always consult the snow and the opening of tracks before going blind! Many resorts open partially in December, or only on weekends. October: -Tignes, October 3, 2015: [...]

  • Skiing in February: good to know before booking your stay

    The ski season lasts roughly mode December month when most stations open their doors for good, until March-April when at spring, the snow begins to melt and the tracks are more practicable. Between the two, the month of February, a priori, the month most conducive to the practice of winter sports we are well into the winter which means heavy snow, there are school holidays to go with the whole family, and the entertainment in the resorts full swing. It is therefore logically the high season, with all the constraints that it also engenders. Tips to prepare your skiing holidays in February: [...]

  • Snowboarding or skiing?

    Alpine skiing remains the king of sports on the slopes of the ski resorts. This is the most widely practiced winter sport, and one for which most facilities are dedicated. But not since years already hurt snowboarding has become a very attractive business for many lovers of skiing ... as to become Olympic sport itself! Or, for your next vacation, ski or snowboard? Skiing Finally, a lot depends on your level of skiing. If you are already initiated to downhill slopes, comfortable on your skis, nothing stops you for a pleasant change, trying your hand at snowboarding. However, if you are a [...]

  • Top 10 Ski booking sites

    With the approach of winter holidays, and in the best case, before this is the last time, it's time to take stock of his ski equipment. What to replace what should be complete, what should we keep? Further, rather than bother with the purchase (and storage) of the necessary range to ski, prefer to rent their equipment. Previously we went in the resort where we were staying, to queue and devote the first day to rent its equipment. With the Internet, these procedures are simplified and can be done online. You book your equipment, get it back in one spot, and go after your stay. There you go [...]

  • The top of the best snow parks in France

    If downhill skiing is still the pinnacle each winter on the slopes of resorts, snowboarding, latest activity, was able to break through and win a wider audience. Many like to alternate during their stay for winter sports and skiing day snow day, others devote themselves entirely to this addictive slides. For fans of the genre, here is a summary of the best snow parks that can be found in French ski resorts, to maximize the sensations in your next snowboarding holiday. 1.Avoriaz Haute-Savoie, Avoriaz is one of the most popular resorts for skiing, but also appears in peak about snowboarding. [...]

  • Top 20 South West of France specialties

    South West pays gourmet chronic. This area is renowned for its rich and tasty dishes from cheese to charcuterie, through cakes and desserts. Immediately the top 20, just to whet your mouth. foie gras This is undeniably the king of the party tables. Whether raw or half-cooked, baked or fried, this delicacy prized throughout the planet is one of the finest French culinary riches South West. The Bayonne ham Recognizable by its flesh of a very dark red, it is from the Adour basin. Its success is inexhaustible since the twelfth century. It is widely used in the entries that this tasty ham [...]

  • Top 20 vegetarian culinary specialties

    If you are vegetarian, be aware that there are many meatless dishes that you can taste to delight your taste buds but also to some very interesting and tasty culinary discoveries. Here are the top 20 vegetarian specialties you can taste in a restaurant or making them yourself. soup châ taigne and pumpkin For autumn evenings or winter, the chestnut soup and pumpkin is a real treat. With its subtle blend of sweet / salty, your taste buds will love, without forgetting the good creamy texture to warm the body. The soup crusted mushrooms This soup with mushrooms is very subtle and tasty? [...]

  • The Tour de France's best vineyards of France in 20 stages

    Discover France by wine routes, this is a nice program that all tourists dream of doing. Because France is famous for its cheeses and wines. Excellent grape varieties, wineries and experienced sunny slopes of vines: oenology reveals beautiful tourist surprises . 1. Burgundy From Chablis to Lyon, the vineyards of Burgundy is most famous for its wines. This diversity of names makes this very interesting region for wine lovers, with 113 AOC and 1,200 different climates. We forget that it is in Burgundy it is coldest in winter. Do not miss the Clos de Vougeot Vougeot Beaune and its famous wine [...]

  • The ten best recipes and cheese dishes

    In winter, the French want more feast with hot and hearty meals. Here are ten creative ways to feast by concocting a regional specialty with a delicious cheese. As a gourmet start. 1 / The molten curtainsider This dish is a favorite of skiers after a good day of skiing. It takes at least 50 g of cheese per person. Three different cheeses: Beaufort, Comté and Emmental. Cheese is melted into a winged pan with white wine and possibly a bit of kirsch and some Maizena. 2 / Raclette The raclette cheese is cut into thin slices. It melts in individual pans. then deposited melted cheese on potatoes. [...]

  • The ten best recipes and pasta dishes

    These are certainly Italians know best cook the best pasta recipes. The durum flour gaining perfume with these delicious sauces. The tomato comes for challenger by other ingredients. Explanations. 1 / tagliatelle with salmon You can use smoked salmon, cooked salmon heat cream, or both. The seasoning will with salt, pepper and ground nutmeg. Fans can add a little lemon juice and dill. 2 / pasta gratin with three cheeses leftover pasta, you fill a baking dish. Then just cover the piece of three-cheese pasta: gruyere, gorgonzola for the creamy side and goat cheese. You can also put some parmesan [...]

  • Most beautiful Christmas markets in France

    What are the most beautiful Christmas Markets in France? On December 24, it's Christmas. For some time, the cities of France put on their clothes and light sparkle with a thousand lights at night. The markets settled in the busiest areas, marking the beginning of the end of year festivities. Noel market in Strasbourg (Alsace) . The best known of France, it attracts from the Middle Ages, millions of visitors a month. During this period, the whole city is alive with this market that stretches in all neighborhoods. Gingerbread, mulled wine, decorations and Christmas specialties are prepared [...]

  • The best recipes and rice dishes

    Rice is a bit expensive and food is very tasty in various culinary preparations. Very popular in Asian countries, white or wild and brown rice are also invited in our plates through dishes that we all know and that is eaten with great desire. Rice croquettes Very easy and very tasty, rice croquettes are white rice, onion, parmesan and breadcrumbs. Delicately fried in a little matter, they are enjoyed with good fresh and crisp green salad. Salmon fillet and wild rice, lemon sauce White rice is a food that goes well with fish, particularly salmon. Served with a light lemon sauce, a good [...]

  • 10 gift ideas for your spouse (man)

    The ten best ideas to find the perfect gift for your man You have racked your brains for months and observe in great detail what is missing in her wardrobe, you still can not find the gift you think is most appropriate. Here are some ideas to help you. A leather bag The leather will never go out of style and is a guarantee of quality and value. It must not be thought that only women like to have with them their personal effects. Men have nothing to envy them. Your man will not need to slip his wallet and his keys in your purse. A subscription to a gym Your Apollo has more air the [...]

  • Send her list to Santa Claus, manual

    Send her list to Santa Claus is usually quite an adventure for the children who wrote and parents trying to draw some lessons. Ideally, follow children expensive advice I expose here. They are not obligations but if you receive more gifts at Christmas, you'll know who to thank. The choice The first thing before writing his letter, it is above all to choose the gifts you want. Take into consideration that Santa cares for a large number of children and is trying to save money by not sending two similar toys. Cutting catalog When you find toys that appeal to you, you have cut the pictures [...]

  • Or live Santa Claus?

    This is a question that most parents had to agree to ask. Not to disappoint the dreams of our dear and tender one is sometimes willing to invent anything. These small secretive smile will make them when they grow up and we have managed to preserve a few years some of the magic of Christmas. There are many legends about Christmas, for us to carry them and customize them. In the fireplace One can remain classic and carry the famous legend of the fireplace. The children eagerly awaiting his descent a little tedious to come overnight deposit all the presents under the tree. We sometimes see [...]

  • The most beautiful islands of Greece


    Want to spend an unforgettable holiday in Greece? Take a trip to the discovery of the Greek islands to refuel memories. These islands and seas, recreation of all kinds, gastronomy and culture combine to make your passes in one country. These lines will help you better choose the island where you want to stay. Milos What are the words that come to mind when hearing the name Milos? This is the famous Venus of Milos. On this small plot of land that Greek statue was discovered long ago. It is surrounded by beautiful beaches as Papafragas, Sarakiniko or Papikinou. This island is the most recommended [...]