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  • The Morpho - Kaw Swamp


    How can I express my feelings for eighteen hours of surfing the marshes under the leadership of the crew of Morpho? That will be difficult. The professionalism of Jacques, his desire to do everything to make his guests happy. The jurisdiction of Erik's guide, there are many. The sky too. An enchanting sunset, a starry night as rarely a storm threat but merely surround us and a thousand little unusual things made this trip a delight. Fifteen hours Jacques gathers his flock. We will be we two, two groups of four youths and a man of about sixty years, eleven people. We must take off our shoes. [...]

  • Argentina practice, know


    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital Buenos Aires People 40,000,000 Constitution: Federal Republic Language Spanish Religion Catholicism Entry requirements: Visa The French citizens do not need a visa for a tourist stay of less than three months, a valid passport is sufficient Silver Currency Argentine Peso (ARS) [...]

  • Bolivia practice, know

    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital sugar Largest city: Santa Cruz de la Sierra People : 10461053 hab. (2013) Build: Presidential Republic Language : Spanish, Aymara, Quechua Religion Catholicism 95% Entry requirements: Visa No visa required for a tourist stay of less than 3 months. an entry stamp we will stamp your passport [...]

  • British practice, know


    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital Bogota People 45 million inhabitants. (2012) Constitution presidential system Republic Language Spanish Religion Catholicism Entry requirements: Visa You will get a tourist visa valid 90 days from your arrival in one of the international airports . Passport : A valid passport is of course essential [...]

  • Target Brazil 2014

    Les chutes d'Iguazu

    Brazil will host the World Cup 2014 football from 12 June to 13 July, on the occasion of the 20th edition of the World Cup, a competition organized by FIFA and brings together the best national teams. 204 nations from 6 confederations registered for 31 places available for the final tournament. The final phase will take place in the summer of 2014 in Brazil, only candidate country of the continent. This will be the second World Cup held in the country after that of 1950. The opening ceremony will take place on June 13, 2014, two hours before the opening match in Sao Paulo and the final will [...]

  • Discover the sumptuous nature of Brazil


    Ideal destination for a communion with nature, Brazil offers opportunities for fantastic stays in the heart of a rich fauna and exotic flora. A wild splendor that you will have the opportunity to admire anywhere else. Visit Brazilian botanical gardens with many exotic plants from around the globe. The nature lovers and green spaces will enjoy a trip to the Costa Verde, between gigantic mountains and rainforests, walking opportunities are diverse and satisfy all tastes. Brazilian nature will also offer you the opportunity to swim in white sand beaches and turquoise sea. Including Lopes Mendes Beach, [...]

  • Selection of travel blogs on Brazil

    Les chutes d'Iguazu

    Travel blog top To discover Brazil through the stories of a passionate traveler: general information on major cities and videos blog themes.: Brazil, culture, background information, videos Url blog: see the blog < strong> blog Rio Carnival blog where you will experience the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro through its program, photos, videos, and very interesting explanation. Topics blog: Brazil, culture, photos, videos, practical information Url blog: see the blog Bahiaflaneur blog created by a French designer travel guide installed in Salvador de Baia, in the Northeast of Brazil. [...]

  • The captivating Rio de Janeiro

    Vue panoramique sur Rio

    Brazil without a stopover offer can not visit in the enchanting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's second city. You will be amazed and impressed by everything that will cross your path, from the most natural to the most sophisticated. Starting Point, the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcovado. A masterpiece weighing more than 1,000 tons to a height of over 35 meters. A wonder, before which you can not help but be charmed. Make a big turn in the cultural center. An opportunity to learn the history of the places on the walls of museums, churches and historical sites, the Cathedral of Sao Francisco [...]

  • Santos: organize your stay


    pleasant landscapes, coves, beaches, hills ... Santos is an important port city in Brazil located in the state of São Paulo, and a destination for performing a stay of pleasure. To stay there, plan now 70 € per day on average. This will allow widely to discover all the attractions of the city starting with the Coffee Museum, a specialized museum. You can also take a ride on the side of Santos Municipal Aquarium, beaches such as Ponta da Praia Beach, monuments like Pantheon dos Andradas and many other sites yet. To qualify for a successful stay, we recommend you to organize your trip. In terms [...]

  • The history of Argentina ... in outline

    Not easy to summarize the history of Argentina in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that 'we are visiting. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Until XVI: Before the Spanish colonization, Argentina is inhabited by numerous indigenous tribes: Pampas, Toba, Matacos, Onas, Diaguitas, Tehuelches ... . In 1516, the Spanish Diaz de Solis landed in Argentine territory, the country will hardly colonized by the Spanish in XVIéme and XVII century. The nineteenth: In 1806 [...]

  • Rio unusual numbers on the host city of the Paralympic Games

    Rio de Janeiro

    Rio is celebrating! After hosting the Olympic Games, this iconic Brazilian city is preparing to welcome more than 4,000 athletes who have passed the selection tests in the Paralympic Games. on this occasion, we offer a review of the 2016 Olympics and unusual figures of Rio that will help you look like a carioca during your next stay in Brazil. Olympics 2016: Time for assessment at the dawn of Paralympics , which will be held for the first time in South America, it's time to take stock of the 2016 Olympics were the first to be held in South America. Excessive as always, they gathered [...]

  • 10 sites to check before heading to Brazil

    Rio de Janeiro

    Brazil is vast, vast, things to see and do seem endless, it is sure that you will not see everything in one trip, it goes so you have to make choices and target the better what you are looking for help in this somewhat easy task here is a selection of 10 informative and sights on Brazil. Discover Brazil 1. Brazil Tourism Website With find a substantial range of practical and tourist information to plan your stay in Brazil. You will find on the site of ideas and itineraries walks and hikes, but also kind of information; Or sleep ? Where to eat ? Or out? Have to do ? Getting [...]

  • Traveling in Peru: what to see, what to do?

    Circuit, culture et aventure au Pérou

    Arriving in the land of lamas, you discover a diverse country that offers both the highest navigable lake in the world, the Amazonian immensity of km of coast Pacific or the beautiful scenery of the Andes. Lima At the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the Peruvian capital enjoys a temperate climate all year round and is known for its beaches surfers stormed during the summer. It is nice to visit Lima with its first historic center dotted with buildings dating from the colonial era such as the Lima Cathedral on Plaza Mayor. The leading areas of the city, meanwhile, are on the edge of the [...]

  • Top 10 destinations in Brazil.


    Brazil is the destination of the travel aficionados. Between paradise beaches, sun, electric atmosphere, the slogan of this country, it's party first. We have found for you 10 essential places of this country with a thousand colors. 1 . Rio de Janeiro the capital is the first destination of the country. Among others thanks to its world famous Carnival, and its O Cristo Redentor, Christ the Redeemer, which overlooks the city from Mount Corcovado. Until the spotlight around the world are trained on it for the 2016 Olympics, come and discover a city full of history, pulsating with music [...]

  • Brazil practice, know


    & diams; Identity card & diams; Entry requirements & diams; Silver & diams; Transport & diams; Health & diams; Security & diams; Seasons & diams; Daily life & diams; Useful sites Identity Card: Capital Arm & iacute; lia Largest city: atilde S & o Paulo People 194,000,000 Constitution: Federal Republic Language : Portuguese, Spanish Religion : Catholicism, Protestantism Entry requirements: Visa : Tourist visas are granted on site, at the airport or at border crossings. They are valid for 90 [...]

  • Go on an adventure in the Amazon rainforest

    Located in the south American, the Amazon rainforest, with a vast magnificent wildlife and a huge splendid flora, invites you to discover the deepest secrets of her during a memorable voyage of discovery. Initially to Inda Cusco, discover the Chullpas Ninmarca well as the graves of Lupacas, residing on the banks of the road leading to Paucartambo tacked to Punta. Here you will be surprised by the varied wildlife of the village, between rodents like the Vizcacha and predators such as the Andean fox also puma. Before reaching Cusco, stop deep in the vast jungle to admire the famous cock of the rock [...]

  • Yacht on the Orinoco River

    How about an escape off the Orinoco River from the Parima mountains in southern Venezuela to the Atlantic through Delta, northeast of the country, near a luxury yacht? A unique experience of its kind in the heart of one of the largest rivers in the world, the third after the Amazon and Congo. The extreme sensations will be waiting for you since your first stop in Tobago south of caraîbes before crossing the gates of heaven for your second stop in El Toro. In this site you will have the chance to contemplate the El Pozo Junco, the Serra de El Toro, the Source of the river Palancia and El Palancar [...]

  • Everything to prepare your trips Nazca

    Circuit, culture et aventure au Pérou

    Formalities For nationals of the European Union, a passport valid for six months is required to stay there for 2 months. However, tourists can negotiate to stay 3 months or more. They then receive an immigration card they must get to the exit. Health and Safety The health concerns are mostly related to food. It is therefore recommended not to consume raw food or ice. There is no compulsory vaccination, but it is important to update the universal vaccines. Caution is the best weapon to face security problems. It is necessary to pay particular attention to pickpockets. It is even better [...]

  • The 10 experiences not to be missed in Argentina

    Here are 10 essential experiences while traveling in Argentina. 1. Walk on the huge and majestic Perito Moreno Glacier. Strap on crampons for a trekking round the world on one of the most beautiful glaciers of Argentina: the mythical Perito Moreno. An unmissable!

  • Before leaving for Bolivia: practical information and advice

    Bolivia, so distant and so inaccessible. We have this impression of mysteries when we think Bolivia. With peaks of the Andes, the famed Lake Titicaca, the Amazon forest ... How to say Bolivia is 1001 destinations at once! It is a mosaic of landscapes, several ethnic groups living in harmony and architectural richness that awaits every traveler. What draws in Bolivia, it's probably this population at once so diverse and that keeps it traditions and entrenched customs. < p> If you go to Bolivia, we advise you to go to meet its inhabitants, you will be as enchanted. Proud of their traditions, [...]

  • Buenos Aires: the must places to visit for your holidays

    Buenos Aires

    You decide to go to Buenos Aires for your next vacation and you do not want to miss anything. You are right, Argentina, not being next door, it is clear that this journey will be successful. Let's start with the visit of the most famous neighborhood of Buenos Aires: La Boca, which is the conventillos district. The place is just fabulous. There are the footprints of football and tango, but also all those stories of prostitutes and poets who made the reputation of this area of ​​the city. Moreover if you like football, you could go to Buenos Aires without discovering the "Bombonera" stadium of Argentina's [...]

  • Some tips for visiting Rio de Janeiro

    Vue panoramique sur Rio

    Who has not heard of Rio? Who has not seen Rio on TV or the Internet? Rio is considered nowadays as the showcase of Brazil with its world-famous beaches and especially its remarkable carnival thousand colors. A trip to Rio is a great discovery but as an expansion opportunity. If this is your first trip to Brazil, Rio is an excellent starting to discover this country in all its forms. The famous Copacabana beach is the perfect place to to choose a hotel there. The hotels in this region are all facing the sea. Depending on your budget, choose your hotel from simple inn legendary Copacabana [...]

  • The history of Brazil ... in outline

    La Forêt Amazonienne

    Not easy to summarize the rich history of Brazil in a few lines ... however, it is always interesting to be aware of the major events that have marked the history of the country that we visit. To us then we dive deeper into the periods that excite us. Up until the early settlers: The first human settlements in the territory of Brazil date back 60 000 years. At the end of the XVth century, the territory is inhabited by semi-nomadic tribes. In 1500, Pedro Alvarez Cabral docks on the Brazilian coast, it is followed by other explorers who report brazil wood. sixteenth and seventeenth: [...]