Zoos in France

Zoos in France

Want to discover wild and unusual animals? Failing to do a safari in Kenya go to the zoo. And in France it is not lack of choice, there are no fewer than 940 zoological institutions. If this tempts you, follow us take you there with our animal friends.

zoos Beauval

If there is indeed a zoo in France, which is worth a visit it is the Beauval Zoo. It is rated one of the largest zoos in Europe and is in the TOP 15 of the most beautiful zoos in the world by Forbes Traveler. The Beauval zoological park is located in Loir-et-Cher and more precisely in the town of Saint-Aignan. It is home to no less than 4600 animals. There are for example koalas, Okapi, white lions, white tigers, giraffes, wildebeests, antelopes, rhinos and many others. In total there are 400 species of animals. By visiting the zoo, be sure to go to the African savannah. This is a vast green area of ​​3 hectares where roam free over 80 different species of animals, including blue wildebeest, giraffes, marabouts, Egyptian geese, springbok, sable and many others. See also the Beauval zoo: - Tropical greenhouses: they come in 4 types of greenhouses: the greenhouse birds spread over 2,000 m² and is home to 1,500 birds, the tropical resort is exotic flowers, giant banana trees and vines are also found there Florida's manatees, arapaïmas and gorillas, the greenhouse ape welcomes chimpanzees, orangutans, the sakis white-faced and marmosets and finally we have the Australian greenhouse hosting kangaroos, iguanas Fiji and koalas. - The plain of elephants in this area of ​​2 hectares of sand, 3 hectares of green living freely 5 African elephants. To see them wander freely, you'd swear almost to be deep in the African forest. - The Manatees basin is a huge indoor swimming pool 40 meters long and 10 meters wide where manatees live. - Humboldt penguins The basin is made of 600 m² and 400 m² of water to beach, home to 70 penguins ages. - The Nursery: the crib version of the park. This is indeed an area specially dedicated to the breeding of baby animals. Healers of the nursery also accompany the baby birds to take their first flight tests. The show is great, do not miss. - The vivarium: is a space of over 400 square meters specially dedicated to reptiles. You can see snakes, crocodiles, lizards and turtles Mississippi, etc. In terms of prices you have 3 types of formulas: - 1 day ticket: valid only on the day of purchase. It costs about 25 € for adults and children 11 and older, and a little less than € 20 for children 3 to 10 years. - Pass 2 days ticket valid two days. Its price is a little over 35 € for adults and children 11 and older, and 30 € about children 3 to 10 years. - And the past 1 year: valid 1 year from the date of purchase. It costs 70 € approximately for adults and children 11 years and older and a little more than € 50 for children 3 to 10 years.


The aquatic world intrigue your children? And if you take him away discover the beauty and strangeness of the marine world in one of the many aquariums in France! Here is the list of the best French aquariums: • Cité de la Mer: Cité de la Mer is a theme park located in Cherbourg in Normandy. He plunges visitors into the depths of the ocean.  A must see : - The Dread: This is the largest open submarine to visit. Audio-guided Comments allow you to have everything on the submarine business. - The Abyssal Aquarium: is the deepest aquarium in Europe (11 meters high). It also is home to many unusual species of fish the some than others. In total there are 1,000 tropical fish. Prepare your cameras! - The Titanic, Return to Cherbourg: a 2,500 m² reveals the secrets of the Titanic. This exhibition also makes us relive the crossing of 50 million emigrants. Cité de la Mer is open from 10am to 18pm. The office closes is 1h30 before closing the doors. Schedules change during the school holidays and high season, so take a look on their website to the practical information tab, under times and prices: http://www.citedelamer.com/informations-pratiques/tarifs-horaires/ . In terms of price, it is as follows: - For adult ticket is approximately € 20 in high season and 15 € or less in low season. - For children from 5 to 17 years: a little less than € 15 in high season and 10 € or less in low season. - For children under 5 years: free admission in high as in low season. Address: City of Sea, Transatlantic Maritime Station Driveway President Menut, 50100 Cherbourg - Phone: 02 33 20 26 26. • Aquarium La Rochelle Aquarium La Rochelle is one of the largest and most important aquarium in Europe. It houses more than 12,000 marine animals from all oceans. Do not miss it : - The Hall of the Mediterranean Sea: is a space dedicated to species living in the Mediterranean including: wild boar fish, octopus, red corals, woodcock fish, etc. - The Hall of the Atlantic: in aquariums are found seahorses, sea hor

ses, rays, cuttlefish, turbot, and many others. - Space sharks: this is one of the most visited museum spaces. You can see many shark species, including the gray shark and nurse shark. - The Lagoon: a very unusual place, we distinguish colorful fish. The white sand gives even more charm to this place. - The Indo-Pacific hall: it also houses rare species such as clown fish, sharks shipping Jackson, eels gardens, butterfly fish, nautilus and many others. Useful information : La Rochelle Aquarium is open every day of the year at the following times: - From October to March from 10am to 20pm - From April to June and September from 9h to 20h - The months of July and August from 9 am to 23h. As for the price is 15 € about for adults and around 10 € for children 3 to 17 years. Children under 3 are free guests of the aquarium. Address: Quai Louis Prunier 17002 La Rochelle - Tel 05 46 34 00 00. • Océanopolis: The Océanopolis is a scientific cultural center located in Brest. The center houses 10,000 animals and aquatic plants. It consists of four areas, which are: - The tropical pavilion: it is 1700 m² aquarium. It has a shark tank, a living coral wall, a space dedicated to the Indian Ocean, a tropical greenhouse, reef fish adapters and a space dedicated to the Red Sea. - The polar pavilion: we discover the Arctic and Antarctica across 1,000 m² of exhibition space, a Penguin Rookery, 3 large aquariums that give us an idea of ​​life in the cold water and a pool of 1000 m² for seals . - The temperate pavilion: in the pavilion include: the aquarium jellyfish, the Abyssbox the seal pool, the forest of kelp, demonstrating puddle, the vast mudflats and eelgrass to the herbarium. - The biodiversity pavilion: spreads over an area of ​​500 m². We discover the seabed with unusual species. Useful information : The price of entry to the Océanoplis are: - For 18 years and more: 18 € or so. - For 3 to 17 years and for students the entrance fee is around 12 €. - Admission is free for children under 3 years. Since schedules change seasonally, it is best to consult directly on the website of Océanoplis: http://www.oceanopolis.com/Infos-pratiques/Horaires Address: rue Alain Colas 29200 Brest - Phone: 02 98 34 40 40.

Zoos Paris and Ile de France

You dream safari, animals of the savannah and discover unusual species? No need to go to the other end of the earth, this is possible in Paris and its surroundings! Indeed, Panama and the region of Ile-de-France full of zoos to the delight of young and old, the most interesting to visit are: • Thoiry Zoo and Park: The best thing about this zoo is that it is possible to make a mini-safari on a course of 8 km. You board your car and you cross the plains inhabited by wild animals: zebras, elephants, giraffes, etc. You will feel like in Kenya. Be sure not to get lost in the labyrinth of the zoo, take a short walk in the cattiness and go relax in one of the themed gardens. Zoo Thoiry account a thousand animals of different species and breeds, including bears, lions, hippos, etc. Practical information : The input price Thoiry Zoo are: - Adults just under 28 € - Children from 3 to 14 years just over 20 € - People with reduced mobility around 12 €. - Senior citizens (60 and older) € 25 or so. Schedules change seasonally, so it is best to consult directly on the park site: http://www.thoiry.net/horaires.php?lang=fr • The menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes: This is certainly not the largest zoo in Paris, on the contrary it is rather small, but it is the oldest in the capital and one of the oldest in the world. It is home to nearly 1,800 animals, including red pandas, ibex, crocodiles, snakes and many bird species. Several meetings with the trainers are organized throughout the year, this will familiarize you more closely with the trades and get up close to animals. Do not miss such a meeting! Useful information : The menagerie of the Jardin des Plantes is open daily from 9am to 18pm. On Sundays it is open from 9am to 18:30. Admission is € 10 for almost full price. And a little less than 10 € for discounted rates (children 4 to 16 years of age 25 students, large families and those who have a Pass Education). Admission is free for children under 4 years old, the disabled and the unemployed. • The National Sheepfold of Rambouillet: It's more a kind of large farm than a zoo. There are donkeys, cows, sheep and horses. This tour allows you to dive into the life of the farmers for a day. For example you can watch the milking cows and taking care of other animals. And to finish your tour in style, made the tour of the operating carriage. The life of the Bergerie Nationale of Rambouillet is punctuated with many events throughout the year: sheep shearing, empty garden, sheepdog contest, farmers market spring garden party, etc. The program of events is available on the website Sheepfold: http://www.bergerie-nationale.educagri.fr. Address : National Sheep - Castle Park - 78514 Rambouillet Cedex - Tel 01 61 08 68 00.

List of the top 10 zoos in France

You want to have on hand a list of the best zoos in France? Discover the top 10 French zoos: 1- Zoo of Palmyra is one of the most famous zoos in Europe. It spreads over 14 hectares and hosts not less than 1600 animals of various species. There are, for example, cheetahs, giraffes, lemurs cattas, wild dog, etc. Address: 6, rue de Royan 17570 Les Mathes - Tel: 05 46 22 46 06. Website: http://www.zoo-palmyre.fr. 2- Beauval Zoo: This zoo is home to rare species of animals it is difficult to cross elsewhere, such as white tigers, white lions and pandas. Address: 41110 Saint-Aignan - Phone: 02 54 75 50 00 - Website: http://www.zoobeauval.com/. 3- Zoo Cerza this Norman zoo is divided into three routes: the yellow path, red background and tropical zone. You can visit one of the three circuits, or better yet visit the 3 at a time. Address: Manoir Saint Laurent, 14100 Hermival-les-Vaux - Tel: February 31 62 17 22 - Website: http://www.cerza.com/ 4- Zoo de Doue: this zoo is famous for its black rhino valley and camp giraffes. Address: 103 Rue Cholet 49700 Doue La Fontaine - Phone: 02 41 59 18 58 - Website: http://www.zoodoue.fr/ 5- Zoodyssee: If you intend to travel to Zoodyssee do not miss to opt for a guided tour by carriage. Address: Road to Oak Margot, 79360 Villiers-en-Bois - Website: http://www.zoodyssee.org/. 6- Zoo Fréjus is 20 hectares of greenery and over 130 species of animals. The park is home to unusual species such as Tamarin and the Asian elephant. Address: Capitou, 83600 Frejus - Phone: 04 98 11 37 37 - Website: http://www.zoo-frejus.com/ 7- Zoo Champrépus: is beautiful with its theme gardens: the African savannah, the botanical garden, the gardens of Madagascar, the tropical zone and the subtropics. Address: Bourg, 50800 Champrepus - Phone: 02 33 61 30 74 - Website: http://www.zoo-champrepus.com  Barben Zoo: This zoo has the air of African savannas. Address: 13330 La Barben - Tel 04 90 55 19 12 - Website: http://www.zoolabarben.com  Amneville Zoo: this park no fewer than 2000 animals: Siberian tigers, bison, lynx, penguins, wolves, panthers, etc. Address: A street Tiger, Amneville 57360 - Phone: 03 87 70 25 60 - Website: http://www.zoo-amneville.com/ 10- Zoo Arrow: home to 1200 animals arctic wolves, parrots and birds of prey. Address: Le Tertre Rouge 72200 La Flèche - Phone: 02 43 48 19 19.

Zoos cheap

It is not clear to often go to the zoo and especially if you are a large family. Indeed, the prices of tickets to some zoos are expensive. If you want to pay a lower rate, here is the list of cheap zoos in France: - Zoo Jurques: This zoo has very attractive prices, slightly less than 15 € adult day ticket, less than 10 € the child ticket 3 to 11 years. It is free for children under 3 years. Address: Jurques Butte 14260 - Tel: February 31 77 80 58 - Website: http://www.zoodejurques.eu - Zoo of Sands of Olonne: this park displays a rather attractive price compared to other zoos, 15 € about the adult fare and a little less than 10 years the rate of children 3 to 10 years. Address: route of the Tour de France 85100 Les Sables d'Olonne - Phone: 02 51 95 14 October. - Zoo La Boissiere-du-Dore: rates the zoo in La Boissiere-du-Dore is a little over 15 € for adults and less than 12 € for children 3 to 12 years. Address: 44430 La Chataigneraie La Boissière-du-Doré - Phone: 02 40 33 70 32 - Website: http://www.zoo-boissiere.com/ Another malignant trick to pay a lower price, it is the promotion of sites, such as Promoparcs (http://www.promoparcs.com/) which has numerous promotions and often organizes flash sales.

zoos Cerza

Cerza Zoological Park, also known under the name Lisieux Zoo is located in Hermival-les-Vaux in Calvados. It consists of three circuits that are: - The yellow course: home to animals from all continents. We find, for example, brown bears, leopards from Sri Lanka, wolves, Gibbons, red kangaroos, white tigers, spectacled bears, Indian rhinos and many others. The duration of this tour is estimated at 1:30. - The Red Course: This course takes you on a journey to the heart of Africa. You will come across lions, giraffes, wild dogs, bongos, white rhinos, to name a few. Count 1 hour or so to go around the course. - Tropical space: at the end of this course reptiles, fish and amphibians have no longer any mystery for you. You will know their evolution and lifestyle. Allow half an hour to visit along tropical space wide. Useful information : The Cerza Zoological Park is open daily from 1 February to 30 November at the following times: - February - March-October-November from 10h to 17h - April-May - June to September from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. - July-August from 9:30 am to 19h - From December to January: annual closure Schedules are subject to change, so it is prudent to check the website, under practical information: http://www.cerza.com/horaires.html

zoos outdoor

Looking for an original way to enjoy the weather? How about a day at the Zoo? If this interests you here are some ideas of parks that offer outdoor activities: - The turtle village: is an area of ​​over 2 hectares which has no less than 2,500 turtles. We discover many species and learns methods of backup and protection of turtles. If you have a choice prefer a visit the very early morning, this is where the turtles are most active. And yes, they are morning, our friends the turtles! Address: district plains - Tel: 04 94 78 26 41. - The educational farm Beaugensiers: it is an educational farm where you can get acquainted with the work and the farmers' way of life. Your children can give the bottle to the baby animals, gardening or assist in milking goats. A very fun visit. Address: Vignasse rd 554 - Phone: 04 94 48 94. - La Ferme Saint-Pierre: Another educational farm but the different activities. Here one can make rides on donkeys or ponies. music concerts, sessions of various other arts activities are also organized in St. Peter Farm. Address: Bastide Saint-Pierre - Phone: 04 94 84 21.

Palmyre Zoo

The Palmyre Zoo is at the top of the most visited parks of France podium. It is also ranked one of Europe's largest zoos. The zoo is located in Palmyra, a town in the Poitou-Charentes region. The park is estimated at 18 hectares where more than 1,600 animals of 130 species. In mammals there are buffalo, elephants, lions, wolves, zebras, tigers, bears, oryx, macaques and many others. For reptiles found caimans, turtles, iguanas and pythons. And in terms of birds, the park is home to macaws, ostriches, ibises, flamingos, penguins, hornbills, pelicans and rheas. If you plan to visit the zoo of the Palmyra April to October, you will have the chance to watch sea lions of California shows or shows of parrots and cockatoos. This is great! We do not tell you more. Useful information : The Palmyre Zoo is open all year during the following times: - From early April to late September from 9am to 19pm. - From early October to late March from 9am to 18pm. In terms of prices are as follows: - Adult ticket € 15 or so. - Billet child from 3 to 12 years just over € 10. - Admission is free for children under 3 years. Enjoy your visit you all !