Medieval Weekend in Avignon


Discover Avignon under a medieval angle during your next vacation.

At the beginning of the Gothic Palace of the Pope are offering you the chance to cross a majestic world. This heritage where all the popes who have served, in the 13th century. All history is traced to the thick walls of the castle, among its vast corridors, along the stairs and even in its beautiful gardens. On this same cliff, walk to the Notre Dame des Doms. Stop in front of the statue of the Virgin, an undeniable authenticity landscape. You are transported back in time to the Middle Ages.

On the way to the walls of the beautifully preserved town, monuments dating from 1237. Take the chance to cross his thirteen gates, the gate Thiers, the Saint-Lazare, the door of the line, the door of the rock, etc. Discover four posterns: that of Raspail, of the Oratory of Banesterie or that of Saint Lazarus. An authentic medieval maze to visit. The feelings intensified over the bridge of Avignon. One of the most famous masterpiece. A bridge dating from 1176, a wooden structure with a length of over 900 meters.

After the famous ride of the setting in the beautiful starlight, enjoy medieval gastronomy at the heart of then a restaurant. A decoration of the middle ages, five minutes from the city. A chance to savor the magnifque marriage between a medieval cuisine and modern flavors. A real treat: kebabs and dishes of grilled meats, to the rhythm of music from the Middle Ages. More on: