Romantic weekend in Guadeloupe

Plage de Grand Anse, Guadeloupe

Enjoy a romantic weekend in the heart of Guadeloupe, a paradise on earth. Extreme thrills in every corner of the archipelago.

Go hand in hand to discover the National Park of Guadeloupe. This is the home of The cascade crayfish. It has a height of ten meters, nestled between the tropical trees. After contemplating this resplendent postcard, offer you a memorable head-to-head. Sit in one of the wooden carbets, specially equipped to welcome visitors from all countries of the world.

Take the path of the volcano of the Soufriere, you will climb together to reach the top. A panoramic view of the Caribbean then offers you both. The ideal time to share the most beautiful words of love, contemplating the beautiful landscape. After the descent, do not miss a swim in the thermal water. You will be in the midst of yellow bath at 28 ┬░. Thanks to its thermal properties, it will offer the vitality necessary to spend your romantic weekend in Guadeloupe.

Many other places are worth visiting. Although other sensations to discover the floral garden of small-town, on the banks of three rivers, the engraved rocks or aboard a boat leading you to the land of high Saintes. There or discover the charming old houses, with attractive colors.

Finally, do not miss a refreshing swim on a turquoise beaches with soft sand D├ęsirade. An opportunity to discover all the underwater world time for a diving couple. More on: