The world of volcanism intrigues you? Discover all its mysteries and its operation at Vulcania Park. This amusement park whose theme volcanism teaches young and old, all about volcanoes: their appearances, eruptions, volcanic experiences, etc. The Vulcania theme park is located in the Puy-de-Dôme and more precisely in Saint-Ours-les-Roches 15 km from Clermont-Ferrand. So if you're around, you know what you have to do ... dive into the heart of the volcanoes!

Vulcania rates and reservations

This is it this is decided is Vulcania for the whole family? Here is what it will take to know about the rates: First of all it is to know that the rates depend on the time of year: green period, blue and yellow time period. • The green period: it corresponds to the following months: March, April, May, June, September and October. This corresponds to the peak period, rates are just over 20 € for adults, discounts for adults a little less, children 6 to 16 years around 15 €, reduced rates for children slightly less , toddlers (3-5 years) to around € 5 and special family rate ten euros. • Blue Period: it is the high season, July-August. In this period prices are: Adults around 25 €, adults discounted rates at 20 €, children 6 to 16 years 15 € or so, children reduced rates a little less, children Toddler 3 to 5 years in € 5 and special family rate a dozen euros. • yellow period: the high season. It corresponds to a few days of July and August. The rates are: in the 25 € for adults, around 22 € reduced price for adults, a little over 15 € for children 6 to 16 years, within 15 € reduced price for children 5 € children 3 to 5 years, and slightly less than fifteen euros the special family price. * Reduced tariff students, the disabled, the unemployed and the group of 10 to 19 people. ** Children under 3 have free entrance to Vulcania Park. Rates may change at any time, so it is prudent to check the site Vulcania section rates: It is better to book your online tickets, this will avoid queuing. In high season, the wait can be very long. Buying tickets online is divided into two categories: • The ticket dated: As the name suggests, this is to buy your ticket by mentioning the exact date of your visit. The ticket is valid only dated for the selected day. • The non-dated tickets: the undated ticket is valid throughout the park's opening period. So you have no time constraints. The online booking is done under tickets: If you plan to visit more than one day at Vulcania Park is smarter to buy a pass: - Season Pass: This pass allows to visit the park as many times as desired during the entire current season. The first visit you'll have to pay the normal price and after each new visit you pay only € 10 per adult and € 5 per child. - Pass Week: this pass is valid for seven days you can return to the park as many times as you like during the current week. At each new visit you will have to pay only € 5 (adults) and € 2.5 (child).

Vulcania schedules

The Vulcania Park is only open from March to early November. It is closed the second half of November, the month of December, January and February. The opening times are dependent as the rates from time of year: • The Green Period: coinciding with the months: March, April, May, June, September, October and first half of November, the Vulcania Park is open from 10 am to 18 hours. • The blue period: months of July-August opening from 10 am to 19 pm. • The yellow period corresponds to a few days of the month of July-August (check online). The opening is from 10 to 23 hours. In this yellow period, the park is run by the evening fireworks. Our advice: plan a good day at Vulcania Park. The activities are many and a whole day you can enjoy well and discover at your leisure.

Vulcania opinion

Reviews of Internet for Vulcania theme park are mixed. There are those who really loved and who advise the visit and there are others who recommend the park. But there is one thing that comes up all the time it's the long hours of waiting at the checkout, hence the need to book in advance on the net. Many users do not recommend Vulcania during the Ascension weekend because of the long queues at the checkout and in front of each attraction. If you have a choice, avoid this time to visit the park, and prefer rather slow periods. According to critics, the Vulcania Park enjoys most parents and older children and it is not suitable for toddlers. According to Internet users, it is better to opt for the guided tours is the only way to fully enjoy and discover the activities in chronological order. To read reviews on the net, many forums talking Vulcania.

Hotel Vulcania

Those who come from far and want to spend more than a day at the amusement park, Vulcania offers t

hem tailored formulas: Park tour + accommodation in a partner hotel. The rates for these packages range from 40 € or so, more than 100 €, they include accommodation, breakfast and a day access tickets to enter the park Vulcania. Prices differ according to the number of stars and the proposed facilities. These hotel partners we retain: - Puy du Relais: a 3 star hotel located 10 minutes from the Vulcania Park. It has 36 rooms, 6 of which are specially equipped for the disabled. All hotel rooms have free WIFI. Address: 59, route de la Baraque Orcines 63870 - Phone: 04 73 62 October 51 - Inter-Hotel des Puys: A 3 star hotel in Clermont-Ferrand is 15 km from Vulcania. The hotel consists of 63 rooms. All are equipped with air conditioning, flat screen television, free wifi access and a private bathroom. Our pets are accepted by the hotel and stay free. Address: 16, place Delille, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand - Phone: 04 73 91 92 06. - Volcano Hotel: A 2-star hotel in the center of Clermont-Ferrand and 15 km from Vulcania. Its 31 rooms are all soundproofed. her each has a flat-screen TV, safe and free wifi connection. Address: 6, Rue Sainte Rose, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand - Phone: 04 73 19 66 66.

transportation Vulcania

You can visit the Vulcania Park by road, rail or air. It's up to you to decide. • By car: if drive you plan to join the Vulcania here are the routes to follow: From north: take the A71 then the A89 which takes in Bordeaux, exit Vulcania / Bromont. From the South: take the A75 motorway, then the A89 to exit Vulcania / Bromont or Clermont-Ferrand exit north. From the West: A89 motorway, exit Vulcania / Bromont. From the East: via the A72, then A71 and A89 then exit Vulcania / Bromont or Clermont-Ferrand Nord. If you have a GPS coordinates here to introduce: N45 ° 48'49 "E 2 ° 56'24". • By train: take the train that takes to the railway station of Clermont-Ferrand. From June to August of the Vulcania Park shuttles from the station in 35 minutes or so. • By plane: if you plan to come by air, it is the International Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne airport as your plane lands. The airport is a half hour drive from the amusement park.


Vulcania is a theme park for young and old, everyone finds an attraction to his liking, among them we have: - The Children's City: an attraction for children aged 3 to 7 years. Its purpose is to allow children to experiment. They will have to experiment with the water basins ticket, valves, ball fountains, vortex and bubble columns, discover the movements through pinball and balances, playing with light and discover through the senses ( touch, smell and hearing). - Toba Mission: an attraction that immerses visitors in the heart of Toba region in Indonesia. This region has suffered there 74,000 years of the explosion of a super-volcano. With screens to 180 °, lights and sound effects, we relive the eruption. - Diables volcano: is an exhibition tribute to Maurice and Katia Krafft, who have dedicated their lives to studying volcanoes and educate the authorities on the need for intervention to save the people of the volcanic regions. The couple died accidentally in 1991, carried away by the lava of the volcano Mount Unzen, Japan. This exhibition immerses visitors in the couple's life through personal objects, photos, films and testimonials. - Earth Machine: This attraction allows visitors to penetrate the mysteries of the earth: its origin, its history, its mode of operation, etc. - unveiled Planet: you will discover satellite views of many parts of the world, especially in volcanic areas. simply views breathtaking. - Earth angry: this attraction is full of feeling. You will feel the ground shake, you will hear the sound of the earth, etc. You'll feel really live a rash, an avalanche, a tornado or a meteorite rain. Prepare the adrenaline rush is guaranteed. - Awakening of Auvergne Giants: and if the Auvergne volcanoes asleep for 7000 years awoke? This is the question that attempts to answer this attraction. Through movies 4D was the exact scenario if such a thing happened. The show is amazing! This is only a taste of what awaits you on site, the attractions are far more numerous and far more interesting in person.

Vulcania virtual tour

If you want to have an idea about the Vulcania theme park, you can take a virtual tour on the website. With this tour you an overview of the park as if you were there. The visit is made by the ticket three model each corresponding to a level: Level 0 / + 1 / + 2, Level-1 and Level-2. Discover them one by one: • Level 0 / + 1 / + 2: virtual tour of levels 0, 1 and 2 to discover the different attractions that exist in these three levels of the park are: Bul volcano, Geyser, Earth's Rage, Planet Unveiled , Experiments Area and Children's City. Also: the playground for children, the Cone, the Pitoufeu gallery, brewery volcanoes (at 2), the bar Crater / Snack panorama (level +1) and cafeteria Puys (level 2). • Level -1: virtual tour level -1 reveals the following attractions: Mission Toba, Awakening of Auvergne Giants, Magma Explorer and Machine Earth. And Crater, the documentation center, the reception, the Book of Hamilton, replicas, Auvergne shop, science shop, nature store, the gallery Rumblings, the greenhouse and the trail of volcanoes. • Level -2: from the virtual tour the home screen level -2 Giant Dragon Ride, the Diables volcano, the tunnel of glowing clouds and dedicated to meteorites space. You can also take a virtual tour of the Vulcania Park on Google Maps, this will allow you to stroll in the park as if you were there for real. It gives a real effect on the visit, much more than you can do on the Vulcania website. The principle is simple, go to the Google Maps page, type Vulcania and zoom in on the point that appears on the map. Instead zoom manually, you can use Street View, it will go faster.

Vulcania seminar

You want to impress your employees? Organize a seminar at Vulcania theme park. Indeed, the theme park has large rooms for 20 to 400 people, all equipped with multimedia equipment that can accommodate any type of seminar. You can choose between several types of rooms, namely: • Grand Panorama Room: This room has an area of ​​203 m², which can accommodate 200 people. It enjoys stunning views of the volcanos. The Grand Panorama room can be converted into 120 panels. • The room of the Big Show: This is an amphitheater with an area of ​​700 sqm. It has a capacity of 400 seats. This room has a large screen of 415 square meters. • The Living Planet Unveiled: is a room of 300 m² and a capacity of 220 people. You have at your disposal high definition video projectors, a flexible display and an audio-art system. Offers Seminars Vulcania come in several forms: • Day Formula: This formula includes personalized welcome, welcome coffee, meeting and lunch. The rate is around 40 € / person on the basis of 150 persons. • Formula half day work visit: are included in this formula: personalized welcome, welcome coffee, meeting, lunch and tour the afternoon. The rate is in the 55 € / person on the basis of 150 persons. • Formula half day work incentive: It includes: personalized welcome, welcome coffee, meeting, lunch, tour and incentive activity. Price: around 70 € / person on the basis of 150 persons. * Rates are subject to change, so it is better to learn about the site Seminar Vulcania

Vulcania board to enjoy the Park

All the reviews about the Vulcania Park revolve around the very large number of visitors that can be crossed, making the visit impossible. And yet everything is a question of organization. If you want to enjoy your visit, here are some tips to follow: - Online booking: book your tickets online, you can avoid the queues are endless and are sometimes lost forever. - The days of visits: if you do not want to find great world we will have to choose your day of sightseeing. A ban on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and holidays. Therefore prefer Mondays, Fridays and Sundays, there are fewer people. - Lunch break: restaurants, bars and snack bars are mobbed between noon and 13:30. Wait until it calms down to eat. From 14 o'clock we find less crowded. Note that restore points are open from 11:30 to 14:30. - Time spent: if you want to enjoy the park, plan a day trip, do not be in a hurry and you can visit Vulcania on your own and at your own pace. Good visit !