Travel to Cuba: entries formalities and practical tips


Cuba is among the favorite destinations in Latin America. Sandy beaches, Cuban music and authentic atmosphere await you. These are just a few good reasons to visit this corner of paradise, an unforgettable holiday and completely change framework. Like any trip to any destination, it is essential to verify the check in and stay at the embassy or consulate. Concerning entry into Cuba, you must bring your passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of your return. You must also bring a tourist card costing you 25 euros which will be valid for one month, renewable once. This card is issued by some travel agencies or by the Cuban Embassy. Regarding the visa, it is essential to bring his plane ticket and cash or a certified check and above have the exact amount of the currency because the embassy has never. It is essential to have a home address on Cuba for the first 2 days. The Cuban embassy in Paris is at the following address: 14 rue Presles - 75015 Paris - Tel 08 36 70 20 22 - website: .

To renew the tourist card in Cuba a single address is available: immigration office in Havana: e / y Factor Fina Nuevo Vedado - La Havana.

Health wise, no vaccine is required and no risk of malaria. That said, be careful to mosquitoes because dengue is growing rapidly

In Cuba, you can find two common currency. Cuban peso and the convertible peso. It is recommended to take with you as euros, as the Us dollar is no longer allowed on the island. Since 2004, the only currency allowed for tourists is only the Convertible Peso. exchange offices are all over the island.

As for the weather, it is very dry from November to April, the wet season is from May to October (brief but heavy showers). The most favorable weather to enjoy holidays on the island is during the spring or fall. The heat during the dry season is intolerable even for Cubans.