Volo da Vinci - flying machines of Leonardo da Vinci


In summer 2011, Europa-Park offers all visitors a new attraction where the eternal dream of flying come true! Set in the ingenious flying machines of Leonardo da Vinci, explorers fly, 7 meters above the ground the Italian neighborhoods, French and German. Start the adventure in Leonardo da Vinci's workshop where the public can discover, interactively, the many models and inventions of the great master. By embedding in fly spirals, 4 passengers will use their muscle strength & hellip; it is to pedal to accelerate and soar through the air as in the days of the great Renaissance inventors!
from July 9, 2011 Among the wildest dreams of Leonardo Vinci & hellip; able to fly! Flying spiral was one of his great ideas. Although he was unable to fly to his time, the machine is now recognized as the forerunner of the helicopter. Europa-Park, the flight of the famous flying machine inventor finally becomes a reality! From the departure station, visitors immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Leonardo's workshop and discover his plans and sketches smartest and craziest. Ready to be tested, the 10 flying machines outweigh the passengers on an amazing journey of 300 meters. Suspended 7 meters above the ground, they fly over the Gondolas elves that slide over the small canal, the route of the bangers of the course and the boats that sail quietly in the puppet world. The circuit, about 3 minutes ends passing above the Café Petite France to the French Quarter for a return in the workshop of large integrated motor Maître.Sans in its design to the Renaissance, passengers rely their physical strength and energy to move. A fun and exciting way to entertain the family, regardless of age More: www.europapark.fr opening hours summer 2011 2011Saison: April 9 to November 6, 2011 from 9am to 18pm (extended hours in peak season)
winter season 2011/12. 26 November 2011 to 8 January 2012 (except 24 and 25/12) from 11h to 19h.