Living Buddhism in India

Would you like to live at least once in your life a unique experience? Then choose a Buddhist living in India. Upon arrival in Kathmandu city, follow the path of Pashupatinath, the symbol of the Hindu religion, where the main cremations take place. A little further, go to Boudhanath, the picturesque Buddhist monument, the opportunity to attend the Tibetan prayers. At the heart of the city of Lumbini, the main center of Hindu pilgrimage, you will have the chance to discover the column of Ashoka and the famous temple of Mayadevi, Buddha's mother. Your journey continues to the city of Balrampur, especially to Sravasti, a sacred Buddhist places, place of Buddha miracles. A little further on, contemplate the beauty of Saheth Maheth and temples, inspired by the Buddhist religion in every architectural corner. Do not miss visiting Kushinagar, Buddha held last words, stressing that "any composition is doomed to destruction." On the way to the ruins of the ancient Buddhist university, dating from the 5th century, before joining the place of awakening of Buddha, Bodhagaya. All around, visit the temple of Maha housing a Buddha statues and his sacred tree, Bhodi. If there is a place not to miss is certainly Varanasi, one of the most important places of Hindu pilgrimage, where, according to legend, the passage to heaven is guaranteed if death occurs at this location . India is probably the first country of Buddhism in the world. Its history is traced in every corner of its cities, between stories, Buddhist traditions, ritual baths, the morning offerings to the daily yoga sessions. Buddhism will have no secret for you after your stay in India, an opportunity to discover another face of Hindu civilization.