Visit Moulins with its beautiful artistic and historical heritage.

tourism, monuments and museums in Moulins not lacking, however, the city has only a small number of hotel. Most hotels 2étoiles displays a price of around 50 euros. Kyriad Moulins sur Allier, near Notre Dame Cathedral of the Annunciation, offers rooms with shaded terrace. Ibis Moulins hotel provides an ideal base for exploring the historic city center, the national center for stage costumes, the Castle of the Dukes of Bourbon. At the heart of the Auvergne, in the city center, you have the Moulins Balladins Moulins Avernes and offers a warm and friendly atmosphere. 200m from Moulins Cathedral, you can relax in the swimming pool or in the Paris hotel garden for about 85euros. If you prefer 4étoiles, opt for Clos de Bourgogne, the hotel with a duXVIIIè century building in the heart of a green park with a restaurant serving French cuisine.