visit Gozo

Découvrir Malte

Gozo is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago, it is 4 kilometers from Malta. This island is very rich in historical monuments, hotels, beaches, its cultural and tourism and the hospitality of its inhabitants. & # 13; The Citadel Victoria remains the most important monument to see in Gozo. This grandiose monument dates from the Bronze Age and has been enhanced by the Phoenicians and the Romans. Citadel, visitors can follow the city walls. Hungry history and art can do the trick of 4 in 1. A multi-site ticket for two units of the local currency allows them to visit the three museums of archeology, folklore and science and the old prison. The latter is located inside the Citadel and opens onto the Cathedral Square. These are cells that surround a large courtyard. The cell walls are decorated with graffiti. & # 13; Other than its historical, Gozo enjoys wonderful natural resources. The island is home to its shores of beautiful beaches. Many cruises are organized from the island. One of the circuits is recommended to visit the Cliffs of Dwejra, passing between two caves and the rock of Fungus. Among the best beaches in Gozo, we quote Ramla which is a fairly wide range and sandy. His reddish golden sand differentiates it from all other beaches of Malta. Moreover, Xlendi is an ideal diving site even for beginners. There are also boats of fishermen and fishing. On the beach of Xlendi there are bars, restaurants and hotels. Dwejra with its rock general and the French window is a beautiful beach. & # 13; To get to Gozo, you have to fly to Malta and boat. There is also a transport company by seaplane which runs between the two islands. In the middle of the island, transportation is by bus which are usually aisles trips between Victoria and villages around. Attention buses do not operate at night. For accommodation in Gozo there are tourist facilities of high quality. Hotels, apartments for rent, lodges, guest houses all there.