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Identity Card:
  • Language Italian

  • Country Italy

  • Region Veneto

  • Zip code 30100

  • People 270 884 hab.

  • Demonym Venetian, Venetian

  • Religion: Catholic

    • Currency Euro

    • Payment Cards You can buy many things with a credit card in Venice although many small businesses do not accept again. Usually we do not ask you your code, an ID card and a signature enough. The ATMs are widespread.

    • Budget stay 1 Week
      400-700 euros Cheap . Less than 10 € / person
      Average price : 10 € -25 euros / person
      Premium . more than 35 € / person.

    • accommodation

    • Cheap : 20/30 euros / night

    • Average : 60-100 euros / night

    • Premium : more than 140 euros / night


      How to get there?

      • Bus You can get to Venice through the Eurolines bus system, a slow means of transport but relatively inexpensive, especially if you carry with you a lot of luggage. (No extra charge unlike the aircraft).

      • By Air: cities Deparis and Venice are located airplane 1:30 one another. Marco Polo airport is served by Alitalia from France, Air France or Lufthansa. The Italian airline Alitalia offers daily flights from major French cities. The lowcost airlines like Ryanair offers flights Brussels Venice (Treviso airport) at least 30 euros.

      • By train: There are direct trains from Paris to Venice. (Night trains every night from Gare de Bercy). Arriving in Venice in the morning by crossing the Freedom Bridge.

      • By car: There are two ways to go to Italy by car from France or by the Riviera with Highway A8 or N7 or by the Alps via the tunnels of Mont Blanc and Frejus. You can not get your car in the center, it will let dan parking provided for that purpose outside of Venice, Mestre for example.

        On site:

        • Gondolas: Mostly used by tourists, it is a picturesque and romantic way to travel, by cons is not cheap at .

        • vaporetto: The vaporetto water buses are to provide connections between the islands, cheap, is the main transportation in Venice. There are also ferries that connect Mestre and Lido and the islands off Venice.

          • Tips : In the summer, take the usual precautions against sunburn and sunstroke, and remember to drink plenty of water