Vars and Risoul field of the White Forest: Address Book

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North Alps, with the famous resorts of Savoie and Haute-Savoie, remain the leading destination for winter sports enthusiasts. But the Southern Alps have them-with beautiful fields, reflected the Forêt Blanche in the Hautes-Alpes.
A vast area to borders of the Guil and Durance, the White Forest totals over 185 kilometers of slopes: this is the largest of the region and rivals the Savoyard domains! The area extends from 1650 meters to 2750 meters above sea level, with beautiful trails, difficult trails for advanced skiers and even a space marked off track for more security.

Two stations share this exceptional area. Risoul and Vars

Risoul ski resort, consisting of 17 hamlets, begins in the 70s Dynamics, the resort offers a variety of activities beside skiing, such as mountain biking on snow, sledding, slalom, boardercross, snowboard ...

Vars and its four hamlets scattered on the territory of the commune has just as much of the field of the White Forest. The resort also offers Nordic skiing. Vars is active throughout the season, with events, concerts and bars that provide the après-ski atmosphere ...

Season Ski La Forêt Blanche

Another advantage of the resorts of Vars and Risoul compared with '' large '' Savoy, prices are a notch below what it is farther north. Well, this does not mean skiing on the field of the White Forest is not expensive because we are still in the Alps, and there are people every winter!

The high season in anticipation of which it is always better to book accommodation in advance: mechanism of supply and demand forces, prices rise as reservations, which start early! Be careful, especially if you go in groups, families with children or friends.

In both stations, two choices are available: the hotel or the residence of tourism. In the first case, the services are based on the standard, and both have good station address range 2-3 star good value for money.

The residences are the promise of an independent stay; they offer fully equipped condos, ideal to stay more. also economical because we divide the costs, and we took advantage of the kitchen to reduce the budget restaurant so much!

How to book?
To help you make your choice, Cityzeum provides a list of good places to Risoul and Vars (hotels, residences ...) and contacts (email, phone number, website): avoid intermediaries and book directly with the hotels by choosing from the selection !

Vars : our hotel selection and residences

Hotel Le Vallon - 3 stars
holy marie - 5560 Vars
- 31 rooms
- Mail: Tel. : 0492465472
- Website:
< / p>

Le Lievre Blanc - 2 stars
SAINTE MARIE - 5560 Vars
- 15 rooms
- Mail: Tel. : 0492465025
- Website:

The Hotel Lorès - 2 stars
Claux - 5560 Vars
10 rooms - Mail: Tel. : 0492465106
- Website:

Ecrin Des Neiges - 3 stars ZAC des Claux
Alley Hubert Aicardi - 5560 Vars
- 39
rooms - Mail: info.sara@sara Tel. : - Site:.

Le Hameau Des Rennes - 4 star
Pass Road - Place said Fontbonne - 5560 Vars
- 49 rooms
- Mail: m.deweert@mmv .fr- Tel. : 0492213249
- Website:

Residence Pierre Et Vacances Albano - 4 star
- 150 rooms
- Mail: @ tamirault Tel. : 0492206670
- Website:
< / p>

Risoul : our hotel selection and residences

Le Chardon Bleu - 2 stars
sector Chérine - Risoul 5600
- 28 rooms
- Mail: Such. : 0492460727
- Website:

Au Bon Logis - 2 stars
Gaudissard High - Risoul 5600
- 16
rooms - Mail: Tel. : 0492451447
- Website:

Antares - 4 star
Zone Chérine - Risoul 5600
- 76 rooms
- Mail: Tel. : - Site:.

Deneb - 4 star
Zone Chérine - Risoul 5600
- 32
rooms - Mail: Tel. : - Site:.

Sirius From Balcony - 4 star
Zone Chérine - Risoul 5600
- 93
rooms - Mail: - Tel. : - Site:.