Useful or pleasant, open places the night in Marseille

Port près de Marseille

It is often very nice to meet a small nocturnal dip in a good restaurant, go out, have fun until no time or even find a drug emergency without having to wait the next day. In Marseille there are many facilities at night.

A good meal in the middle of the night

It is very nice to get out quietly in the middle of the night after a late session movie or a show and enjoy a good meal at Mas Lulli, excellent restaurant near the Opera. The varied menu of traditional food products awaits you at any time.

You will go Nul Part Ailleurs

This very welcoming restaurant bar of the Old Port of Marseille serves great food at a late hour of the night and 7 days 7. Ideal for lovers of traditional Provencal cuisine or simply to satisfy a small nocturnal hunger.

A map, in the middle of the night

There are several restaurant in Marseille, pizzerias and fast food that deliver very late hours of the night. Thus Chikkanight is open from 20:30 to 4:30 ET will transport you to the American world of burgers and fries the middle of the night.

Marseille by night

Well-known nightlife of Marseille, simply take a walk to the Old Port to enjoy a pleasant evening stroll and at the same time to eat at any time. O'Stop restaurant is the essential small cravings that do not have schedules. Sandwiches, spaghetti or other homemade dishes await you in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Great Castellane Pharmacy

You will not need the list of Marseille guard pharmacy to find the pharmacy that will help you out at any time of night. Go directly to the Pharmacie de Castellane where you can overnight the necessary care.

guard pharmacies

Apart from the Grande Pharmacie de Castellane which is always open, there are several pharmacies distributed in all districts of Marseille that performs a guard relay depending on the day of the week. To know exactly what pharmacies open continuously on the date that suits us, visit the official website of Marseille duty pharmacies. However the duty chemists are reserved for emergencies and open the application.