A shopping spree and cultural tour in Milan

Milan haven of choice for fashion lovers. Fashionistas in the soul, can not miss such a destination. I wanted to get an idea of ​​this fashion & design city, I wanted to see if the reality was consistent with what was being said.

Before you go to Milan, I inquired about the destination to put me in the bath. where Milan? On what is the economy, climate, what is the best time to visit. Now that I know Milan, I speak to you. If you want to share my experience follow me I will take you for a ride.

Milan A to Z:

Milan is located in northern Italy. It is the capital of the Lombardy region. Its position at the confluence of many influences, earned him an economic boom ever since the dawn of time.

The geographic location of Milan, offers the city a typical continental European climate, with cold winters and hot summers. Temperatures range between -3 and 6 & deg; C in January and + 15 to + 28 & deg; C in July. The city of Milan is known for its humidity and is often covered with mist in winter.

The two most pleasant seasons to visit Milan are spring and autumn, in the month of March and from late August to October. In my case I opted for the month of March, a Milanese spring is strongly recommended!

It is no coincidence that Milan is also called the Grand Milan. The city is one of the most important arteries of the Italian economy. It is also classified economic capital of Italy's lungs to summarize. Its main production centers are: aviation, automotive, clothing and food. Its economy is also based on the construction industry and financial services. Indeed, Milan houses the main Stock Exchange of Italy. The city is also one of the markets of the most important silk Europe.

After Milan in theory, just Milan in practice, the real Milan!

My stay at Milan fashion:

All Milan's reputation is made around the fashion and design. We are just over there to shop and to learn about new trends. Whether in terms of clothing or furniture, Milan is the place to be

Where to shop in Milan:

In Milan there is so much choice, so many shopping areas, so many shops that easily lose the compass, so it is imperative to prepare his itinerary.

The mine began in the fashion district. It's the perfect place for lovers of big brands like Gucci, Prada or Versace. Prices are exorbitant there, but window shopping costs nothing. So do not miss to pop. The quadrangle of the Milan Fashion spans four main streets: Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, Via Sant'Andrea, Via Manzoni, Via Santo Spirito and Via Borgospesso. All major fashion brands are there. The brand that impresses most is Armani, has an empire Armani house Armani and Armani Café flower.

I contented myself to the windows, prices are well beyond my budget. But do not be scared, Milan also can satisfy small purses. And here we find Corso Vittoria Emanuele, Corso Buenos Aires, Via Torino or Corso di Porta Ticinese, where there are stores more accessible to everyman.

The markets of Milan:

After a trip to the fashion district management markets of Milan, genuine cave Ali Baba. There's so much to Milan, but if you do not want to opt for the most famous, is chosen:

The fair of Senigallia flea market held every Saturday morning where African traders, Hindu, and different cultures have their products local and artisanal, as all music as exotic as each other. Here we almost forget we're in Milan, it is almost like in India or Africa. The scenery is guaranteed!

Market large Naviglio this market is held every last Sunday of each month, there are a variety of furniture, antiques and objects house of any kind. An address not to be missed if you like antiquing.

china town Milan:

And to finish this shopping trip in beauty nothing was worth a trip to Chinatown, located in Via Paolo Sarpi. Here you'd swear almost to be in China. Signboards, clothing items, the atmosphere everything is made in China. It is everything, clo

thing stores, gift shops, hi-tech shops, as well as Asian Gourmet addresses. The atmosphere of this Milanese Chinatown is impressive. In addition we make it very good business.

The neighborhood is to visit all, but if you lack the time to travel the following addresses that should not be missed:

Kathay supermarket (via Antonio Rosmini 9): spices found there, food of any kind, rice, dishes, products maintenance. Everything is imported from China.

Shop tote (Via Giuseppe Prina): this shop sells everything and anything at very attractive prices: appliances, dishes, accessories DIY, etc. The prices do not exceed 15 €. It makes it very good business!

Capelleria Melegari (via Paolo Sarpi 19): this shop stands out, it is more Italian than Chinese. They sell the cutest hats, all as original as each other.

And for a short break I recommend Cantine Isola in Via Paolo Sarpi 30. A busy address by Milanese love good wine.

Design in Milan:

In Milan it is not just for her wardrobe, it also goes there if we want to retype inside his house. Design Capital, the city is home to no less than 650 showrooms where you can find Italian creativity in all its forms.

Furniture futuristic and unusual design are the watchwords in Milan. So enjoy your visit to the design capital to learn about new trends. Prices are exorbitant sure, but you can go to shows and showrooms just to have an idea about the trend of the year in terms of furnishings.

An address not to be missed in Milan, if one is passionate about contemporary furniture is the Triennale Design Museum. It includes all the new trends, furniture models that exist nowhere else. I can tell you that out with decorating ideas full the head. Viale Alemagna, 6 Metro: Cadorna opening hours. Every day from 10:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (closed on Mondays)

Let the design side, and let's look at culture.

From culture and just culture:

When you are in Milan for a short stay, it is difficult to go around all the monuments and cultural addresses. We must therefore make a choice about what to see and absolutely what we will leave for a second visit. My choice was the emblematic places of the city, which are:

The Cathedral: one of the largest religious temples and one of the highest cathedrals in the world. It represents a symbol of the city. The main attraction of this building is the fact that it does not meet a particular architectural style, but it is rather a mixture of several styles. When one is connoisseur in architecture is no lack of notice a slight gothic predominance. The beauty of the Duomo is its facade, but do not miss his inside either where one can contemplate a magnificent representation of Christ made by Leonardo da Vinci. Get on the roof is an attraction in itself, we can see the entire city of Milan, views breathtaking.

The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele also called the Milan show. This gallery connects Piazza del Duom and Piazza della Scalla. This is a building dating from 1870, cross-shaped, topped by a glass and iron structure and along his arms, there are shops, cafes and restaurants, such as Biffi one of the most famous restaurants in Milan. In the center of the gallery on the floor is a mosaic bull, tradition dictates that tramples his testicles by three rounds. It seems that it's good luck. The Milanese and tourists follow one another to do it. Moreover we can see that this part is hollow with the rest of the body, so it was trampled. If you are visiting the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele do not miss to do, who knows maybe it will bring you luck too.

Piazza della Scala: known for the famous theater della Scala, global benchmark theater of lyric music. This is one of the most prestigious opera houses in Italy. The construction of this magnificent theater dates from 1776, his first production was given in 1778. From outside the theater seems quite commonplace. All its beauty and splendor are hiding inside. So do not settle for an outdoor tour. Tip: be sure to also visit the museum worth a visit. The Theater Museum is left La Scala.

Piazza Sant'Ambrogio: Piazza Sant'Ambrogio was advised to go and I advise myself. This square was renamed the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio, the patron saint of the city of Milan. Every December 7, on the occasion of the feast of the patron of Milan, instead a huge success which takes place the Fair Oh bej Oh bej.

Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan not stay without visiting the Pinacoteca di Brera. This is the ancient and modern art museum in Milan. We find beautiful works are: Raphael, Bellini of Giovannu, of Andrea Mantegna and others. Address: Via Brera, 28, 20121 Milano Tel: + 39 (0) 2 722 63 264 229.

The Museo della scienza e della tecnica (museum of science and technology Leonardo da Vinci) is also worth a visit in Milan. This is undoubtedly the most important museum of the city. We find beautiful astronomy exhibitions there, optics, physics, computers, photography, aviation and more. We almost feel like the tour of museums so its collections are rich and varied. Address: Via San Vittore 21, 20123 Milano, Italy Tel. +39 (0) 2 485 551

And like the best is the end they say, I chose to close my cultural trip with a visit to Castello Sforzesco, a former residence of the dukes of Milan. It now houses many museums such as the museum of sculpture, the Museum of Applied Arts and the museum of musical instruments. The exterior of the museum also deserves some attention here, the setting is so green that is almost like being in the countryside.

The list of places to visit in Milan is still long. A longer stay is required.

After the fashion, culture, places to splurge & hellip; & hellip;.

As all Italian cities that meet in Milan gluttony is not a sin, but a lifestyle. All the reasons are good to eat.

Here we like to eat, we like well laid tables, diners in Milan. The only thing that could hinder us what are the prices. Indeed, prices of restaurants in Milan are rather high. If we have the means to pay for a good meal, you can reach the historic center and the side of the Brera district. But fortunately for small grants like me, there are places where you can eat well for cheap, especially the side of the Zona Navigli. If you've been to Venice, Navigli you feel familiar. Indeed, this area of ​​Milan is very similar to the city of Venice.

Visit Milan is the opportunity to taste many specialties that the name we know where we have already had the opportunity to eat, but not in the way Milan, such as the milanesa, panettone, the Milanese risotto, the osso buco, Salami Milano and Michetta.

Coming to Milan was also the opportunity to taste a good gelato. I suggest three main locations: Marghera, Grom and Chocolat. Definitely go ice with Sicilian pistachios in chocolate. A true delight.

After the fashion, culture, place and romping Milanese frenzied evenings.

Milan by night:

Milanese nights are among the busiest and most fashionable in Italy. So come to Milan it was an opportunity for me to experience Milan by night. The busiest Milan neighborhood at night is the Brera is the ideal place for early evening programs. There are a variety of restaurants and bars. After a watered early evening towards the Corso Como to party Milanese. Here nightclubs are pretty smart as each other. We must be undercut to enter. And how ? It is in Milan!

Zona Navigli is also an ideal location in Milan to party, we mainly went there for a drink. This area is full of bars, restaurants and theaters.

Can not quote all the best places to party in Milan, this is for some:

Biciclette (Via Torti 4 corner Corso Genova, Milan 20123 Tel: +39 (0) 2 83 94 177): this is an old bike shop converted aujourd 'hui restaurant and bar. The decoration is very atypical. The prices are a little high, but it is highly advisable to go if only for the pleasure.

The Bank (Via Bassano Porrone 6, Milan 20121 - Tel: +39 (0) 2 86 99 65 65): the clientele is a little jet-set, but there is a great atmosphere and the decor is very unusual. It looks like a real bank 20s

Scimmie (Via Ascanio Sforza 49, 20143 Milan - Tel: +39 (0) 2 89 40 28 74): In this address reigns a pleasant bohemian atmosphere, moreover even people are attending the arty. One can attend live jazz and acoustic music. The frame is very nice.

Cultural Events in Milan:

Fans of cultural events will also find their happiness in Milan. The city life is punctuated by many events. Among the appointments headlights, there is the fashion capital Milan. This event is held every year from January to March and September to October.

As for other renowned events in Milan are:

Word Press Photo: This event is held every June at the Carla Sozzani Gallery (Corso Como 10, 20154 Milan, Italy Tel: + 39 (0) 2 653531). This is a photojournalism exhibit. Admission is free, so if you are in Milan at this time, be sure to get there, definitely worth a visit.

The crafts fair: it is a fair with the participation of many Italian and foreign craftsmen. This event takes place every December. Good idea to make Christmas gifts!

The Fair Oh bej oh bej: the demonstrations took place on 7 and 8 December. You can find everything there: flowers, sweets, cakes, etc. This is one of the most anticipated events in Milan.

The Furniture Fair: it takes place at the Milan exhibition halls in April and May.

For a successful stay in Milan, it is not enough to know the right addresses and places not to miss, it will also become familiar with the transport, have an idea about accommodation, how to go, etc.

Milan practice:

Getting there by plane:

The aircraft is the fastest and most convenient way to travel to Milan. Especially that ticket prices are more accessible to the average budget. Indeed, many low cost airlines fly from Milan to Paris. The company serves the easyJet Milan Linate Airport is located 7 km from the city center of Milan, regarding Ryanair flights they land in Bergamo airport which is 45 km from Milan. The rates of these two companies are virtually the same is around 60 €. Alitalia, Air France and Lufthansa also connect Paris to Milan but at much higher rates in excess of € 100.

Getting there by train:

If you do not hurry to join Milan, one can opt for the optional train journey. Indeed, the fashion capital is served day and night by train from Paris Gare de Lyon (TGV) and Nice (in normal train, 5 hours away). To enjoy great rates, prefer used train tickets, sold by individuals online as at: http://www.kelbillet.com. The prices of these tickets are usually cheaper.

How to move to Milan?

When visiting Milan, you better opt for public transport in a matter of time and money. To do it is not lack of choice. The city is covered by three metro lines: red line M1, the green line M2 and the yellow line M3. It is also served by tram and bus. All known neighborhoods and most sites can be reached with public transport.

With the traffic and parking fees, driving in Milan is a real torture.

to stay in Milan?

As with any popular tourist destination, accommodation in Milan is quite expensive. This is what takes the largest share of the budget. It will therefore use common sense if you do not want to ruin.

the best located hotels are almost all expensive, so it was left to me the hostel option. Instead of paying 50 € night in a hotel and more, we spend a quarter of the price in hostels. Certainly, there is no comfort or privacy you get at a hotel room, but next tariff there is nothing to say. But beware, there are many tourists who opt for this solution, squares thus snapped up like hotcakes. It is therefore essential to book in advance.

And the advantage with hostels is that we find very good addresses ideally located in the heart of Milan at very attractive prices. Unlike hotels where you are forced to opt for those in the periphery if one does not pay the price.

If this alternative tempt you here are well located and cheap Address:

Hostel Galla Via Galla Placida, 5 Tel: +39 (0) 2 39561321 .

Youth Hostel Piero Rotta Via Salmoiraghi Via Salmoiragi angolo via Calliano - Tel: +39 (0) 2 36267095 .

Hostel California Via Lambrate, 18 Tel: +39 (0) 393 189 7912.

If your means allow you to stay in a quality hotel in Milan, you'll be spoiled for choice to find your fortune. Can not quote all the luxury hotels that are located in Milan, however here are a few:

Best Western Premier Hotel Cristoforo Colombo Corso Buenos Aires, 3 Tel: +39 (0) 2 2940 6214 .

Hotel Berna Via Napo Torriani Tel: +39

(0) 2677311.

Doria Grand Hotel: ial Andrea Doria, 22 Tel: +39 (0) 2 6741 1411.

Alla prossima Milano!