Itinerary: one week in Italy


When one speaks of Italy, is a wealth of itineraries to come out on top .... the possibilities seem truly endless. An Italian experience can take many forms

Alpine Route ...

However, stop a choice and let's focus on northern Italy, for a practical question neighboring region of France, you will have no difficulty to get there by car, then good practice to perform a beautiful course in a relatively short period of time ...

Do not be also included in the program big cities that deserve to themselves, only a complete travel itinerary: Venice, Florence, Milan ... And this is great, the north of Italy is full of medium-sized cities immensely rich in terms of historical, charming also.

A route like this, where every day is a step, you will see a lot, but never linger and soak up locations: feel free to lighten the program and take your time !

Day 1

Genova . Take a day to stroll along the harbor, visit the aquarium, explore the maze of narrow streets of the historic center, the palace classified by UNESCO in Via Balbi, a selection from the museum ... Do not hesitate to venture on the heights of the city when the day declines, before enjoying a pizza in the city center.

Day 2:

Taste the epitome of Italian Riviera in the exclusive Porto Fino, a true landmark of the jet set! then walk along the Ligurian coast, and stay in some of the villages of the Cinque Terre, Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore, an unspoilt area and World Heritage Site by Unesco!

Day 3:

Sink into the Apennines to enter the region of Emilia-Romagna, with a stopover in Parma . Discover the rich heritage of the city along with some gourmet shopping.

Day 4:

A relatively short ride enough to make you Bologna . Great Heritage stage, you will not have too much of a day to tour the historic center, between the squares and fountains, religious buildings, museums and the ascent of the Asinelli tower, a symbol from the city. A pasta dish with Bolognese sauce original way is required for dinner.

Day 5:

On the way to the north, still take the time to step in the charming town of Mantua in passing. You will leave disappointed not to linger, but following the festivities do not lower a tone with the arrival in Verona : a great ride in the historic center you can admire the architectural remains of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance! Lovers will not miss the Casa di Giulietta.

Day 6:

Prepare your itinerary so to go through the great Italian lakes. Thus, the Lake Garda is from Verona that a Hug ... twenty kilometers south shore of the lake before taking the Cape Lake Como : two possible branches, near Lecco or Como, to end the day at the water's edge .

Day 7:

Last stop on the circuit, steering Turin , another large northern city, unjustly neglected by many tourists. Enjoy the day to explore the historic center of the city, the palaces of the House of Savoy, the Museo Egizio, parks and cafes ...