Directions: great weekend in Toulouse


High dynamic city, Toulouse has retained a very pleasant living environment, bathed in a Mediterranean atmosphere which we enjoy on a weekend. To explore the city, its monuments and sights, while taking the time to soak up the atmosphere, allow a small Toulouse stay at least three days.

Search from a wide range of accommodation which best suits you: a hotel in the center, a guest room, an eccentric aparthotel, Hostel ... to see your budget. A central location will be more obviously practical. Thanks to public transport, however, the movement did nothing complicated even if you are away from the center. The visit of Toulouse then made on foot or bicycle, the car quickly becomes trivial (hence the interest of a round trip by train, with a TGV Toulouse).

Let's see, in outline, a few ideas to keep your stay in Toulouse

Day 1

Plunge directly into the heart of the matter, the Place du Capitole . A terrace café to follow the bustling square and listen architecture of City Hall and the National Theater.

Take your time to wander through the central streets, taste the atmosphere, colors ... the heart of Toulouse, the '' Rose City ''

Keep a moment to visit the Great museum Augustins (fine arts), then lean on the Saint-Sernin basilica and heavy novels volumes (Unesco) .

In the late afternoon, dégotez you a southwestern cuisine restaurant for a solid meal before going for a drink to the instead of bream , with the key a ride night on the docks. For party towards the Toulouse bar.

Day 2:

In the southern part of the historic center of Toulouse, take the detour through the motley St. Stephen's Cathedral (to distinguish the novel Gothic), then a stroll in the Botanical Gardens .

Another visit to continue the George Labit Museum (Asian art), one of the great cultural institutions of Toulouse. Spend the rest of the afternoon at Canal du Midi (Unesco), appreciated for its green: a beautiful walk by bicycle !

In the evening, various themes can be addressed. See the concert program or plays, or check whether the Stade Toulousain is not part of the

Day 3:

Go early on banks of the Garonne for a cruise on the Garonne, Toulouse discover history from another angle; several options are available. Afterwards, try the side of the Saint-Cyprien neighborhood on the banks of the Garonne unexplored.

Spend your afternoon in another must visit Toulouse, the Space City , located outside the city (bus connection if you do not have a car). For true fans of aerospace, the whole day will not be too much to go around to all the attractions of the site.