A week in Paris


Paris, capital of light, luxury and glamor capital. Paris does not need to be described, Paris is lived. It's amazing how life is magical. Just a few hours to feel imbued with that atmosphere. If we want to live in Paris intensity, it will leave those well drawn paths to venture into the heart of this city, to live its history and experience emotions. Paris, like a ride on a summer evening to meet the eternal. Paris by day, Paris by night. It's clear, you fall in love on the first night!

What you must see in Paris? Climb the Eiffel Tower:

Panoramic view from the top of the magnificent Eiffel Tower is not it?

Emblem of Paris, you can not get there without finding the Eiffel Tower. In reality this is the area that is to be discovered. It will be essential to move up and reach the 324 meters. Rest assured, it is possible to make the elevator or stairs. Personally, I prefer the stairs and feel the breath of fresh air, this heart that beats discovering Paris. Then you can stop at the first floor for a tour of the shops within it. If you have the means, there is a panoramic restaurant on the 2nd floor is the Jules Verne restaurant is quite expensive. That may be the experience of a lifetime, but the cost is still important. As the 3rd floor, it is breathtaking; the view is just amazing. If you want a guided tour, it is possible to book, but they are paying.

When the Eiffel Tower met, we will go to meet this Paris fragile and magic that comes into its side flea markets.

Strolling side flea markets:

The chips in Paris, it is simply an institution, flea markets, antique shops, the smell of old wood drunk and seduces. One can not visit Paris without discovering this side of Paris this authentic and true.

The main and most famous flea market in Saint-Ouen. It must be said that this area is still classified under English.This Heritage charm that is the notion of timeless that emerges, it seems that he does not age, it crosses years (from the time it is) without a wrinkle. To get there it is not difficult, it is right next to the Porte de Clignancourt which is served by most means of transport. You can see all kinds of articles and believe me, you will find rare pearl!

Can humming, the Lament of Butte, you know this beautiful melody from the Moulin Rouge, it has only one desire, to live the song by going to the Butte. < / span>

The hill of Montmartre:


In this district of Paris so old, we must allow him to leave the beaten track and the regular tourist route. Although the Sacre Coeur Basilica is worth a visit for the beauty of its architecture and history, do not stop there and continue your visit to the rock bottom of Montmartre. Lose yourself in the narrow streets, you will love! You know what's surprising is that it feels very far away from the hubbub of the capital, like Montmartre was not in Paris. You can get there by subway and get off at Lamarck Caulaincourt. Then take the stairs and breathe the air from the top of the hill overlooking Paris. The cemetery is also worth visiting, there are the graves of great personalities.

Tomb of the Fountain


As picturesque as it is, the city of Paris conceals mysterious and magical aspects. It's a real Melting Pot. Look people, you wi

ll see all cultures and this is what makes Paris so rewarding. A neighborhood that moves me the most is the Chinese district of Paris 13èmearrondissement. It is exactly at the intersection of the Avenue de Choisy, the Avenue d'Ivry Massena Boulevard and the slab of the Olympics. You can get there by subway and get off at the station Tolbiac, line 6. And then it's like in Shanghai, a real Parisian ChinaTown! It is impressive as the scenery is great. It shows primarily Asian businesses with Asian vendors and Asian customers. Everything is Chinese, almost from restaurants, supermarkets, hairdressers & hellip; it almost seems more to be Paris.Heureusement Seine there to remind us that we are Paname & hellip;

Along the banks of the Seine:

The Seine

The Seine, legendary river that runs through Paris and that made the reputation of this city. In good weather, it is siagréable to walk. You can walk, from the Bercy dock to the Quai d'Orsay. It is good, we can go through the island of the City, this is a very nice area. Moreover it is ideal for a picnic as long as it beau.Après, we can dirigerau plant garden to finish his ride in style. Unless you did not like the flowers and all kinds of plants from around the world, this site is an extraordinary place. And by staying the quays of the Seine, it is guaranteed to dive into the corridors of time. Each building has a story, each stone has its écrit.Ce I love is to see these people who live all year in their barges, what chance they have! Then these booksellers at bridges of the Seine, like a landscape from a book by Victor Hugo.

And speaking of this great author, I advise you to live a unique experience, that of Les Miserables, visiting the sewers of Paris!

My experience in Paris Sewer:

The Paris Sewer

Stop thirty seconds, and imagine that it is possible to visit Paris, but Paris identically, underground! It all started in 1975 and from the sewers of Paris can be visited. What impresses is that they take the route of the entire city. Victor Hugo did not say false & hellip; it will book good shoes as the walk is quite long but believe me it's actually worth. By cons, be sure to follow your guide, it is better not to get lost because unlike the bustling streets of Paris, you will not come across many people to ask for directions! There is an entire museum to visit as it retraces the work of sewer workers but also the water cycle. it gives an idea about the health aspect of the city, but it also tells a lot about the work of its architects. The tour lasts about an hour, one would almost want to stay if not that fresh air would miss us.

Then Paris also offers museums to discover like the famous Louvre and its Mona Lisa.

The Louvre Museum

The Louvre

While classic like visit, but we can not afford for a first trip to Paris not to discover the charm of the Louvre Museum and discover the Mona Lisa. Casually, it's true that our eyes follow and that is really intriguing! Did you know that it was the most visited museum in the world! But it is clear, that unless you have the passion for the arts in the blood, you can not finish it so the museum is rich and great! Imagine, it is given more than 35,000 works. I advise you to visit in the company of a guide who will remind you of the main (not easy to remember all of our history course!). The museum consists of eight departments. I sincerely advise you to discover the gallery for Egyptian Antiquities. It's like in ancient Egypt is so rich!

A good plan: the Package tickets and weekly pass for transport

If there's one interesting point about Paris is its public transport network. It should not be an area that is not covered by the bus or the subway. It is very convenient but unfortunately it quite expensive. That's why I wanted to tell you about my good plan to move to lower cost. SNCF and RATP have several tourist packages. There are two rather interesting: the package 1 day, and what they call the Paris visit. Then the Package 1 valid day is a coupon which as its name suggests is valid on all day. It can be used as many times as desired on the same day. As for the Paris visit, it may be valid until 5 days (find out anyway in a RATP or SNCF office). Besides the day also includes the night as it is valid until 5.30am. This is the most interesting because life is very dynamic night in Paris. I was lucky to be there on 14 July and it was sensational.

Living July 14 and the large ball despompiers July 13 at the Bastille:

July 14 is the parade on the Champs Elysees but especially the fireworks. Do not stay in your hotel room and go out and discover this marvel. The night is illuminated so it's great. Then there was the day before July 13 I cherish particular. This is the firemen's ball, an evening until the morning where you can watch and make fête.Je went to that of Ménilmontant in the twentieth arrondissement of Paris. The party starts to 20 hours to finish at dawn. And for those who like to see the men in uniform, they can feast! There are also raffles are organized. Admission is charged in the barracks but only costs a few euros. A memorable evening to spend with friends but if you are accompanied by children, rather it will direct you to the Disneyland Paris park to experience the enchantment of Walt Disney.

A trip to Disneyland:

If you bought a weekly pass, I hope you have thought to take it for all areas because it will go to the suburbs to visit the Disney parks. First board and I think the most important: avoid weekends! Between the line for the attractions that lasts for hours, the world there is, you will quickly regret this event! For entry, you have the choice of buying on the spot and risk a loss of time at checkout or privilege to buy tickets online. Personally I recommend buying on the Internet, it's so nice to spend illico while some are queuing at the counters. Upon re-entry to the park, the magic begins to take. Among the Disney characters and attractions, you will have the choice embarrasdu. Do not miss the SpaceMountain, I loved it! Discharge guaranteed adrenaline! A day goes by too fast to Disneyland park. In the evening, we can choose to live differently his dream by going to the Latin Quarter.

Favorite: the Latin Quarter

This is a particularly distinguished neighborhood. Day and night, he seethes with people. I went there at night to eat and there the evening celebration. But you can very well get there by day or at lunch time. It is a very beautiful area of ​​Paris popular with students, as it has been elsewhere. This explains, among other Latin his name in connection with teaching exclusively in Latin provided by universities at that time. What I like about this area is that it is the epicenter of multiple sites to discover. You can eat a bit and then get to the Place Saint Michel.

On the Place Saint-Michel:

If you knew how the place is pleasant and gives this timeless feeling. it must be because the booksellers stalls along the quays! You can get there by subway and get off at the station of the same name. The bars are very pleasant in this area and with a little luck, we can put on the terrace when the sun is not secretive. Generally what I like to do is to go there in the evening, stroll on the docks and watch the people who benefit from the end of the day before taking the Rue de la Huchette and look me in the Latin Quarter. If you like plants, go a little earlier to get to the Jardin des Plantes.

My tour of Garden Plants & hellip; plants

When we say Paris, one immediately sees the tall buildings and breathe pollution. But what I like inParis is that enough to move to the next street to find yourself in a green space that gives the impression of not being in the city. The Jardin des Plantes, I admit I like a lot. It is so well maintained and each time I return. During my passagesà Paris, I do not hesitate to book him for a moment. This is a very old garden that comes from the seventeenth century. Under Louis XIII, it was used to plant medicinal plants before becoming a school botanique.Aujourd'hui garden plants must have all varieties. Just seeing the Mexican or the Australian Greenhouse to achieve it. But the best of the best is obviously the rose garden with more than 100 species.

Paris as we like that's a bridge between tradition and the unusual. Moreover, we think of it, there are unusual On several restaurants to try in Paris, even if it's a bit pricey, the experience worth living.

Unusual Lunch

My Parisian lunch

start with the most surprising (in my opinion), the little restaurant in the meadow. At the mere mention of the name, we can begin to doubt! It is indeed, a farm that takes its food and more precisely in a henhouse & hellip; with chickens! Not to mention, that tasting deserves since moving to taste local products. It was in the tenth arrondissement of Paris (Tel: 01 48 24 11 11). I know there are other unusual restaurants in Paris, I have not yet had the opportunity to test them, I leave that to my next visit. a restaurant I was told in a wagon on rails or a Gallic restaurant where one is immersed in the adventures of Asterix the Gaul and their orgies.

Paris by night:

In the evening, almost no one does need to program the evening. Just take the subway, get off at a station to find the magic of a neighborhood. But my favorite is the Marais district. This is a gay area of ​​the city and in the evening it is crowded with people. I love the atmosphere. One can start the evening in a restaurant to finish in one of the boxes, which is famous neighborhood. A little tip, if you are not gay, avoid boxes of homosexual nights unless you are curious voir.Il is a bar street very friendly Lombards, the Face Bar. In terms of nightlife, I recommend The Pick Clops is a trendy club on the Rue Vieille du Temple (Tel: 01 40 29 02 18) .But between the Marais and Beaubourg, next door you really will be spoiled for choice. If you need to walk home after the party, usually with a fairly safe and you risk nothing.

Practical Paris:

How to get there:

It all depends where you come from. Paris, like any respectable capital is served by most means of transport. The plane remains a fast but a little expensive in my opinion. In general, during the holidays, for a good price, you have to book in advance.

However, many charter companies offer very interesting flights. However, it will pay attention to the destination airport, since sometimes the city airport shuttle costs more than the airfare. Easy Jet landed at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Orly Vueling and Ryanair to Beauvais airport.

The train is also interesting on the TGV. But the result is the same, during holiday periods, prices rise.

So why not think about carpooling. A very interesting solution if one is several people from the same place to get to Paris. But even a small problem: the parking .

to sleep:

Paris is quite expensive in housing, I also think that this is what makes the stay a little pricey. I suggest taking the reservation along the transport ticket, it's a package that many agencies do. The SNCF offers this service with formulas train + hotel. There are also hostels that are attractive prices, I personally have been to Auberge Internationale des Jeunes, a very good sign, a very attractive price. Those looking for superior addresses, they should provide a budget of over 50 euros more per person in tourist areas. I recommend the Hotel Apollinaire. The cheaper hotels are far from the center of Paris.

Restaurants tested for you:

To eat in a very interesting area, nothing beats the Bercy Village. There are a lot of restaurants. The atmosphere is very warm and you can eat all specialties. There are also shops for cute faires purchases like Nature and Discovery, and Fnac Eveil & Games, Entertainment and creation, & hellip;.

to shop on Sunday?

The Belleville district is open on Sundays. Take the metro and get off at Belleville station. Then take the street from Belleville to the bottom of the Faubourg du Temple. And there is all of Asia and Africa that visit. There are several very nice stores that display affordable prices.

Bookmarks bar:

The Bastille is one of the most interesting areas of Paris. You can find several bars in addition to classics like Starbucks. I have a weakness for the Cafe angels. right food, and then it exudes a timeless atmosphere.


Although there is no health risk in a city like Paris, I suggest you still think of washing your hands several times a day.


Avoid the use of taxis unless you have an emergency or to go in evening dress. The cost of the taxi is really high. Then Paris is so well equipped by public transport, there is really no need to use the car. The subways and buses widely enough, you just Grab the Paris Visite.

My advice:

In the subway, do not look people in the eye. If you can not find your way, I suggest you learn in a shop or a commercial point inform you politely rather than asking passantsqui walk quickly and may not have time for tourists.

to Panama when our next appointment!