A new train line in China


Beijing-Canton, 2298km in 8h

China enthusiasts travelers about will certainly noted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 (incidentally, December 26 is the birthday of Mao Zedong), the country inaugurated with great fanfare (and with a lot of comm ') the longest line of high-speed train in the world .

The news quickly circled the globe, as it is emblematic of China's economic development. The figures in this railway line are impressive indeed: 2298 km Railway, for a long journey between Beijing (Beijing) and State (Guangzhou). 35 stops are planned on the line, the train travels at high speed 300 km / h . Result: it will take more than 8:00 to cross the country by the north south rail !

In other words, the Chinese train is comparable to the TGV homegrown. Besides cruising speed, another common thread connects the two trains: the rather high prices! And so, today, a place in second class for the big Beijing-Guangzhou journey back to the modest sum of 865 yuan . After conversion, more than 100 euros the go! A price in perspective, however, when before we know, it was more than 20 hours by train for the trip.

And if the plane still looks attractive for its price / travel time, do not forget that train him a lot greener transportation . And everything is good to limit CO2 emissions in industrial countries such as China ...