A vacation rental in Charente-Maritime

Ile d'Oléron

The Charente-Maritime attracts primarily for its coastline, where beautiful beaches, resorts and islands are popular with holidaymakers. Tourism, the Atlantic coast has many family destinations.

It is therefore not surprised not to find in the department a bunch of houses to rent for holidays, a great option for an extended vacation by the sea. Those who prefer the quiet and greenery will pick from the options in Charente countryside, rarer, more affordable too!

where to book a vacation rental in Charente-Maritime?

holidays in Charente-Maritime, is above all the sea ... but not only. To help you make a choice, the top 5 destinations where slippers find a rental
-L Ile de Re the most chic slippers islands. Rental prices are rising fast! On the side of Ars and doors, the opulent houses and most beautiful beaches of Re ...
-L 'Oleron Island : most Charente island is well endowed with vacation homes. Why in a small locality, within biking distance of the beach as the village market?
-The Arvert peninsula : the beaches of the Wild Coast are the finest in the region. On the side of Ronce-les-Bains, Palmyra, and to Royan, home rentals (or apartment in the city) in family and popular resorts in the summer.
-The Saintonge around Saintes, it is the countryside, fields, villages and Romanesque churches ... full of tranquility vacation, destination '' going green ''. Calm and rest guaranteed
- La Rochelle . An apartment downtown, a villa in the immediate vicinity, the choice is wide for those who prefer more urban environments. La Rochelle is a good base to explore the islands and the region.

A vacation rental in Charentes-Maritime: what benefits ?

The Charente-Maritime, the good sea air for the holidays. With family-friendly resorts, villages and small charming port, La Rochelle, a bustling city, and many beaches and summer recreation, the department that's worth some attention here for the holidays. Many return each year enjoy the Atlantic beaches!

A vacation rental is a great way to stay in the area, especially as there are many possibilities. Starting with several friends for example, the rent is divided and it is cheaper than staying everyone at the hotel!

The location is also ideal for families: of space, separate bedrooms, a potential garden, kitchen not depend on restaurants ... everyone is there, parents and children and from a financial point of view, that's all benef!

A vacation home is also delve deeper into local life. By renting a week or two in the same place, we take the time to focus on some nice corners to fully explore the area, meet the locals, other travelers or traders, taste local products, to markets and cook for yourself ...

A very pleasant immersion, original patterns and a range giving a new dimension to holidays.

Some tips for rent in Charente-Maritime

-It summer, the peak tourist season, the Charente-Maritime is full of tourists. From mid-July to mid-August, there is demand!
-In anticipation, start your research and make sure you hire as soon as possible before the summer, up to 6 months in advance.
-The rental prices vary greatly depending on the season. it climbs in the summer but out of season, we find very reasonable offers. If you can, shift your vacation dates.
-The campaign rentals are less in demand than the rentals Charentais coast (not to mention the Ré and Oléron islands), if you want a change of scenery, why not rent to the campaign?

How to book a rental in Charente-Maritime

sites specializing in leasing are? legions online. varied and numerous online quotes. Feel free to compare to find the rentals at the best value for money: -Abritel
http://www.abritel.fr < / a>
-Media Holidays:
http://www.mediavacances.com -Homelidays

-PAP Holidays: http://www.papvacances.fr
-Oléron Rentals: http: //www.oleron-location. com
-Ile de Ré Loc: http://www.iledereloc.com holiday Wednesday in Charentes: http://www.vacances-en-charentes.com
You can also try your luck with classified ads:
-The Bon Coin: http://www.leboncoin.fr
If you have chosen your destination, go directly through the town tourist office (or town community perf ois) or through their website or by phone. You can also extend to the websites of regional and departmental committees of tourism ...
- http: // www. en-charente-maritime.com