A rent in the Vaucluse for the holidays


Unlike other departments '' stars '' in the PACA region, the Vaucluse has no sea ... landlocked inland, it does not benefit less stunning scenery Provence, in the Luberon Mountains image ...

Because of its location behind the coastline, the Vaucluse draws slightly fewer tourists than the French Riviera. It is the ideal destination for a quiet holiday at the unhurried pace of the South of France, with the scents and flavors of Provence. The ideal destination also, to dig a rented house for the holidays ...

where to book a vacation rental in the Vaucluse?

To help you make a choice, the top 5 destinations where Provencal find a rental

Luberon massif 1.The as a whole, the area preferred to rent in Vaucluse. A large supply of houses, homes, farmhouse, tucked away in the countryside or in the heart of a hilltop village ... the best of the best.

2.Avignon : the Cité des Papes does have charm and is a good base for exploring the area. Why not a nice apartment in the city center?

Mont Ventoux 3.Autour : the famous summit overlooks a beautiful country. Quietly, some stunning farmhouse to rent in full scrubland, possibly with pool!

4.Vaison la Romaine around the pretty town in Haut-Vaucluse you will find pleasant houses for rent, not far also from the vineyards of Châteauneuf-du-Pape .

Solid 5.The Luberon again, with all its villages among the most beautiful in France and its many locations, the Luberon deserves to appear twice in the ranking.

A vacation rental in Provence: what benefits ?

To set the record total green living to delve into the way of life in Provence, away from the bustle of the Mediterranean coast, Vaucluse seems a destination all indicated. In the best case, it lingers a maximum ... and many come back next year!

To stay for an extended period, hotels or guesthouses are not financially viable solutions. In the Luberon particular, it is not exactly cheap! The solution is the rental: a home addition, a comfortable base for holidays and an option that can quickly be profitable level budget !

For many, renting is more profitable quickly if each reserve a room at the hotel ... if you go with friends, for example, the cost of the rental is divided! Family with children, renting allows you to organize his holiday life without constraints, independently. The mere fact of having a kitchen allows great savings on restaurant budget.

But it is not only about money. A holiday home in the Luberon is full of memories back! So take the time to immerse yourself in the region and the local community, a week, two weeks, with a good base.

This allows you to discover and return in the corners favorite, to meet the locals, shopkeepers, taste local products, to the markets, live Vaucluse 100%!

Some tips for rent in the Vaucluse

  • Please note, rentals are numerous in the Luberon, but demand is also. Begin your research well in advance, 6 months in preparation for the high season.
  • High season as always corresponds to summer, especially between July 15 and August 15, plus school holidays and weekends great spring.
  • As everywhere, prices vary according to demand ... In the Luberon, rentals are expensive, but prices fall season. Good business is to grab!
  • If your budget allows, a farmhouse, remains typical country of the region, isolated or in a village, promises a memorable setting.
  • In the South of France, it is very hot ... a pool is a nice luxury if you stay in the country!

    How to book a rental in the Vaucluse?

    rent in the specialized sites are plentiful on the Internet. varied and numerous online quotes. Feel free to compare to find the rentals at the best value for money

    -Abritel http://www.abritel.fr

    -Media Holidays: http://www.mediavacances.com

    -Homelidays http://www.homelidays.com

    -PAP Holidays: http://www.papvacances.fr

    Web -Lubéron http://www.luberonweb.com

    You can also try your luck with classified ads:

    -The Bon Coin: http://www.leboncoin.fr

    If you have chosen your destination, go directly through the town tourist office (or commune community sometimes) or through their website or by phone. You can also expand with the sites of regional committees and departmental tourism ...

    -Lubéron Apt Tourist Office: http://www.luberon-apt.fr