A Day in the Domain - Montagnac

Saint-Guilhem le Désert

"Incredible Picnic" will be held June 13, 2015 at Domaine Councilor located in the municipality of Montagnac (34530). A Gourmand local farmers market will be held in the courtyard and free entertainment for young and old, around wine and vines, mark this day.
tours of the cellars, Two narrators tell the story of the Estate, the vine and wine, vintage cars exhibition, Quiz, Painting Competition for children and workshops, raffle ... < / p>

This beautiful estate with human size is to be discovered in order to enjoy a pleasant friendly and festive moment.
The field of Advisor is closely linked to the history of the Castle Lavagnac. The family of Virieu continues to perpetuate the production of wine and wishes to extend the spirit there was then Lavagnac. Either sharing, and the pride of belonging to a village and the region.
vineyard with an area of ​​20 ha is located in the Languedoc

Picnic lunch to book (limited number): 12 € per adult, 6 € per child under 12 years

Information and reservations:
Tel: 09 65 38 September 46 -contact@domainedelaconseillere.com
Tourist Board pézenas: 04 67 98 36 40