A weekend in Normandy

If you want to escape the time of a weekend, think from Normandy. All ingredients will be there to spice up your stay!

Destination geological park Cezra. Go for an unusual accommodation in Yid example and enjoy a night in the heart of a wilderness. You will be surrounded by more than 1,000 animals in semi-liberty in the Park.

Once you put suitcases, join the park directly. Start with the yellow circuit, you will have the unique opportunity to observe wild animals on the planet. Brown bears, American bison, panthers Sri Lanka. Try the red channel. You will contemplate all African bongos animals to wild dogs. Above you serve amazed by the beautiful white storks and red ibis.

Feeling hungry? Head to one of the restaurants of the resort. All Norman specialties will be present. You will find yourself in a beautiful Asian safari. The tour continues, you are in the heart of the tropical zone. A corner tracing the chronology of the development of all vertebrates. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Rex. It is the largest reptile park.

Walk towards the Safari train on which you will be surrounded by different animals in the reserve. You can even stop. An opportunity to better contemplate the landscape. Continue your way to the mini-farm. Here you will be able to touch and feed the animals on site. Finally, discover the history of the journey of Noah. A break in a third dimension. A world more colorful. More on: http://www.normandie-tourisme.fr/