An invigorating stay in Les Eaux-Bonnes

In the city of Les Eaux-Bonnes, there is first the hot springs which it takes its name and walks around the city to admire the gardens and discover architectural jewels. That being said, you can also practice winter sports like skiing and ski jumping in this county. Stays on site start at 50 euros. You will find mostly family friendly establishments and on the outskirts of the town. Le Picors hotel at No offers great rates plus an indoor swimming pool and internet access. It has different categories of rooms, including quadruple rooms. A Borce, you type Bergoun house 'Bed And Breakfast' with sauna. Each room is decorated with a theme of its own, and free parking is available to customers. On Cette-Eygun, you Pouquette, a guest house close to nature which has double rooms, but also family rooms and an inn: The Golden Fleece. In the latter, you will have the warm welcome in a family setting and authentic view of the Pyrenees.