A gastronomic stay in Bayonne

Visite guidée de Bayonne

If you go to Bayonne, is the opportunity to taste the famous local ham. For landscape, rivers Nive form charming banks in the town. Many of Bayonne hotels are located in the city. Cheap housing show a rate of at least 35 euros. In the most prestigious hotels, prices can go up to 200 euros. Because of its competitive prices, check out San Michel of St. Catherine Street. You reasonable accommodation close to the train station. You will also find the hotel of hoops on the new Port street offers great rates. Try to see the Mercury, which is located on the avenue Jean Rostand. You will discover a friendly welcome and a chic atmosphere. In the modern rooms, the view of the river is really beautiful. You will walk in dynamic neighborhoods on the outskirts of the property. For luxury, get off at the La Villa on the way to Jacquette. The property is rated four stars and is provided with rooms with Wi-fi. La Villa further includes a magnificent panorama of the Nive with the bonus the unique environment of the historic center.