A captivating stay in Chatellerault

For a one night stay in Chatellerault, it takes between 30 and 70 euros depending on the institution. The tourism sector of the city of Chatellerault benefits mainly near the Futuroscope, a theme park dedicated to technology and science multimedia. This is why the 'New Class Hotel' is one of the busiest establishments: it is located fifteen minutes of this famous site. However, users also enjoyed the friendliness of the welcome and reduced costs. For its part, the Campanile Chatellerault is much more conducive to discover the city: Auto Motocycle Museum, the beautiful gardens, local crafts. This 2 star hotel facilitates travel as it is close enough to downtown, but mostly from the station. At Dropbox Perron Availles side a little outside of the city, one can find a luxurious 3-star class. The surrounding nature particularly contributes to the charm of the place and the rooms face an interesting view of the Poitou. What's Near Chatellerault, it is also possible to stay in guest houses or settle in campgrounds.