An attractive stay in the heart of a charming tourist spot


At the southern tip of Brittany, Bénodet is the ideal destination for a stay in the calm and serenity. To stay there, different types of accommodation are available, such as homes, hotels, campsites, guest houses, etc. Among the top 5 most prestigious hotels include Armoric, 3 stars, open all year. With 30 rooms, rates vary from 75euros to 160euros night. At Abbey Hotel, 3 stars Also, the service is of incredible quality. Located on Avenue de l'Odet, this hotel offers luxurious rooms at a price starting from 80 euros to 125 euros per night with half board. As for Kastel, a hotel near the beach, the sea is beautiful and immerses you in the sweetness of the ocean. To better organize your stay, remember that after walking, bathing, sports, cinema, casino ... .Even other opportunities for entertainment are the programs. In a modern space, biibliothèque Benodet can accommodate more than 10 000 books. Of boulodres, landlords bike or videos are also present to ensure a wonderful stay.