A stay in Sousse and its surroundings

Traveling is more than a physical movement from one place to another & hellip; Travel is rather a set of discoveries adorned by a sense of change of scenery.

Organize a trip requires preparation in advance in order not to fall in the last minute of traps and distort all the plans we have set.

Tunisia is among the best North African destinations. Country quiet, with very friendly people, from Tunisia joined the business with pleasure. In Tunisia we find everyone and especially for all budgets.

The organized holidays are the best formula to make the most of the charms of this country. Much better to Tunisia from April to September, if you can stand the heat, and make sure this is not the period of Ramadan. I would advise against it because everything is almost closed for the day.

I have had occasion to visit Tunisia on several occasions. A city which we do not talk enough in my opinion, is the city of Sousse. Discover the pearl of the Tunisian Sahel.

Sousse or the pearl of the Tunisian coast:

Among the most popular destinations in Tunisia: Sousse. This city with a rich historical heritage. Sousse history and modernity blend and there is something for everyone and all colors.

Sea, sex and sun:

For fans of hard-tourism, private beaches of Sousse offer excellent refuge. From BOUJAFAR in Chatt Mariem or Kantaoui Bay, the luxurious beaches stretch out of sight. One can find very trendy bars where house music and beautiful tanned skin mix. On the tourist part of town, whether related to your hotel or just in private, the beaches offer an atmosphere that Ibiza: good quality sand, clear, calm water through the gulfs and especially, deckchairs and umbrellas straw for more charm and exoticism.

For luxury fanatics Marhaba Mahal hotel will their happiness, with a lounge bar by the beach and a very refined quality service. Access to this beach by non-residents of the hotel is free, but it will take 5 dinars (2.5 €) for a single beer or a bottle of fresh water.

A little less in the high-end, but that also liver nice private beach, we find the BORA BEACH. Enjoy the trendy atmosphere, comfortable chairs with smaller price anyway. It will take 5 dinars (2.5 €) for beds and 3 dinars (1.5 €) between beer and bottle of fresh water.

Water sports and horse ride:

Sousse carriage

In private beaches, there are yacht clubs. Pedal boat, small boat, banana and water skiing await you. Experience the house music and feel great by practicing parachute pulled. You are attached to a parachute and pulled by a zodiac, you will see Sousse high as you've never seen. These types of sports require assistance, you will be automatically supported by a monitor. All facilities are on site, yacht clubs Sousse are known as the best equipped in Tunisia with well qualified teams. strong and laughter sensation await you. It takes about 15 euros for a round of 10 minutes for an hour parachute or pedalo. For waterskiing, it takes in the 25 euro. Rent your gear and have fun.

In the middle of the tourist area we can also note the presence of quad club. These small bikes with 4 wheels are in vogue in Tunisia. Prices vary according to the club (from 20 to 50 dinars per hour, so between 10 and 25 euros). You will be in groups of ten quads with a quad that lead the guide. The trick that you will include the tourist area and a few sand dunes on deserted beaches.

Through the tourist area, one can also see the riding clubs. Horse rental equipped with tourist guide for a beautiful walk during sunset on the beaches of Sousse. Be careful to choose the horses: make sure they are in good condition (not skinny or sick or injured). The horse rentals can also be made on the beaches itself but it is preferable that the make in specialized clubs. Some clubs even offer camel rides. Unforgettable memories and moments of extreme relaxation. It takes a budget of 40 dinars (€ 20) per person per hour rental.

Sousse has many faces:

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The cornice of Sousse

Just over the popular Corniche Sousse mixed families, friends of all ages and vacationers on a budget. Access is totally free but umbrellas are not provided. You can spend all day and enjoy the pleasures of swimming free. Some small cabins as a fast food are scattered throughout the cornice, sandwiches and cold drinks galore. It takes a minimum budget of 3 dinars (1.5 €) for a sandwich and 1.5 dinars (€ 0.75) for a cold drink or ice cream to choose from. Atmosphere rather popular but that does not lack charm for good living and the revelers to medium and small budgets.


The strength of the city of Sousse is undoubtedly transportation. Aside from metered taxis you will recognize them easily with yellow chick, common taxis are the cheapest way to move around town. These shared taxis cost an average of 550 thousandths (25 cents) per ride per person. They serve the train station, the hire station (long-distance taxi) and all gather at Bab Bhar, the center of the medina of Sousse. They are easily recognizable by their beige-cream but especially thanks to their size, because usually these are small vans that carry eight people at one time.

Kantaoui Port:

Marina Kantaoui

The tourism aspect of the city of Sousse is also manifested in the marina Kantaoui. Easy to reach by taxi or else a common taxi, this port is an ideal place for a quiet stroll gazing at the beautiful luxury boats. This port is full of cafes location of restaurants specializing in seafood and trendy bars. You can quietly enjoy a drink in front of luxury yachts. It will take a minimum of 4 dinars (€ 2) beer or if you make a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant like L'Escale in Port El Kantaoui. Specialty seafood everywhere, it takes at least a budget of 40 dinars (€ 20) per person, not including alcohol. A bottle of wine in a restaurant like this can vary between 30 (15 €) and 50 dinars (€ 25) depending on your choice and the restaurant where you dine.

Activities within the Port:

This port also offers rides pirate ships. You will easily notice these vehicles decorated like the pirates of the caribbean. All wood and very large in size, these boats offer rides for a half day at sea. This cruise includes a lunch of fresh fish and unlimited drinks, excellent remedies for the summer heat. A swim in the deep waters of the Gulf of Sousse is unforgettable. Some lines equipped with hooks and sinkers for fishing enthusiasts. Personally I find that tourist waters are not as fishy as that, then do not expect to see a black marlin at the end of the line. folk atmosphere with a group of Tunisian artists and even acrobats and fakirs depending on the boat you choose. This will cost you between 15 and 20 euros per person. Like any tourist offer in Sousse, do not hesitate to negotiate the price and the group is, the more negotiating bear fruit.

Some boats also offer tours of a full day deep sea, luxury catamarans and speedboats, take your pick. Some offer a cabin diving to contemplate the depths quietly sipping your beer. Prices for this service vary widely depending on the season and the boat caliber you rent, but it takes a minimum of 60 dinars (€ 30) per person.

The wild nights of Sousse

For lovers of the night, Sousse offers a trendy atmosphere. Between nightclubs and Irish pub, you have a choice. The most famous nightclub is definitely BORABORA. Gogo dancers and steamy atmosphere with go, plan a budget of 100 dinars (€ 50) per person, the price of a bottle of wine.

The Irish pub also offers a summer atmosphere with karaoke and music until the early hours with a budget significantly lower than the BORABORA.

Place to culture:

In addition to the trendy atmosphere, Sousse also offers a rich cultural aspect. A corner not to be missed is certainly the catacombs of Sousse, very important historic site that dates from Roman times. These catacombs with a length of several kilometers were faith graves under terraines for wealthy families. Only a few hundred meters were renovated to ensure a visit to the standards, a visit to this historic building is needed to discover another Sousse. Stones retyped to nine, ground with very fine gravel and small lights to give a rather macabre atmosphere, the catacombs are open from 10:00 until 18:00. On site, you can sign the guestbook leaving or buy a souvenir as a statuette or a book. It takes 4 dinars (€ 2) for input and a minimum of 10 dinars (€ 5) for a memory.

Outside the macabre atmosphere of the catacombs, Sousse offers another historical heritage. More recent than the catacombs but certainly as important story point of view: the medina. 500 years old, it contains the souks and street vendors and souvenir shops are linked. souvenirs prices are very different from the peddler, the Souvenirs chic. Access to the medina is by taxi or shared taxi destination Bab Bhar. The gate of the Medina is a multiple access as access which are connected by a high wall overlooking a magnificent appearance to the old center, the real, the authentic.

Purchases in the medina are all subject to price negotiation. I personally advise to descend immediately to the half, it works most of the time. And avoid the tourist traps!

Through the rustic shops in the medina, we see a few shops of traditional tattoos based on a typical Tunisian black blend called arkouz, the smell is unique. Tattoo artists (usually women) offer photo books with their achievements. Prices vary enormously between one model and another and between a tattoo and the other, so be sure to negotiate the amount.

Historic Monuments of the Medina:

The Great Mosque of Sousse

The Medina also offers the Great Mosque of Sousse. Built for decades, this monument is a masterpiece of typical Tunisian architecture. Access to the mosque is paying

6 dinars (€ 3). You have the right to take pictures but never exceed the middle court. Access to the mosque requires that men be covered at least to the knee and that women have the arms, legs and hair covered.

It is highly advisable to go outside of prayer times that are five per day. That said, the ideal time is between 8:30 and 11:30 am, every time, you are well within the standards and outside the prayer times.

Shopping in Sousse:

Of the medina in the heart of Bab Bhar, we can do a little walking on foot on the main avenue towards the beach. Surrounded by shopping centers, this avenue offers shops for shopaholics. You will find all the shops, brands but also many fakes. Pay attention to your return to France, customs and controls.

At the end of the avenue, there is the ledge. I suggest you take a walk on the ledge in the late afternoon early evening. During high season, the cornice is packed with people. I do not know what it is for you, but I love this atmosphere. And I had the opportunity to visit Sousse Sousse summer and fall, I much prefer Sousse in the summer. In the early evening and until late hours of the night, people go out to walk to cool off from the heat of the day. It also told me, that was the Tunisians working half-day nap and go out at night.

Sousse and surrounding area

Sousse does not stop in the city, because all around there are also places that must be visited without hesitation to make your holiday unforgettable.

Friguia Park:

Friguia is a nature reserve that has been projected to show visitors an aspect of Tunisia that was not always the opportunity to see. The fauna and flora of the reserve reminiscent of the African savannah. This park is a delight for lovers of nature. Inside, a variety of wildlife can be seen loan. Lions, giraffes, through seals at Friguia can find anything. The park is decorated in an authentic way to give a good impression of time travel and space for visitors.

Inside the park, there is also a pool for shows dolphins and seals. The shows are not included in the price of access to the park, which is 7 dinars per person (€ 3.5). A warm atmosphere with folk music groups by appointment. A real treat for young and old.

The only drawback to go to the park, is transportation. One possibility is to take as qu'excursion at your travel agency or otherwise at your hotel. There is an alternative for those who decide to do once there is to rent a car. It is better to protect a card for it, even though the park is easily retrievable as soon as one leaves Sousse north.

Inside the park there are a few small restaurants. But I you bring your sandwich with you, the prices are a bit exaggerated.


Another aspect of Tunisia and more precisely of Sousse is the Hergla. If you have the opportunity or the ability to get there, please. Located 20 km north of Sousse, you can go to Hergla for hire or shared taxi for $ 5 dinars per person (or € 2.5). This small fishing village is very quiet and provides a totally relaxing sensation. Hergla beaches are huge spread of fine white sand. The accesses are public and free, you can admire a beautiful sunset if you find yourself at the beach pointing to the west. Hergla is a small village that offers unforgettable moments thanks to its calm and its wild landscape and pristine for some of them.

For lovers of fishing and spearfishing, Hergla offers very favorable coast to indulge that passion. sea ​​bream and sea bass with appointment. For part of successful fishing, bait lenses sold in Sousse are a very good solution and the ideal time is sunrise or sunset and all night, as long as it's not a full moon.

The rocky coast of Hergla swarming octopus and sea bream holes. The underwater fishing in this area is not governed by any law, then your masks, fins and snorkels and dive into a wonderful world where flora and fauna mix in an extraordinary setting.

In the old port of Hergla fishing eels and sea bass are dropouts. The technique used in this port is fishing for the English with float and bearing reel. The baits used are generally maggots or goats. Regarding the maggots, it is almost impossible to get them except perhaps in Sousse but the kid is recovered on the spot on the rocky coast of the port.

A trip to Hergla will delight nature lovers and water sports. Although it is very small, this fishing village is very warm and the people are friendly.

If I had to describe Sousse in one word, I would say it is a real gem. A vacation in this beautiful city and its surroundings and you will leave with great memories. In summer, always carry a bottle of fresh water because the heat is sometimes unbearable, always cover your head with a hat or cap. Do not forget your sunglasses and sunscreen. The city of Sousse is sure, do not be afraid to go out at night in busy places.

Sousse practice:

Getting there by plane: the nearest airport of the city of Sousse is Monastir which is 18 kilometers away. Prices of flights from Paris vary by airline. They are around € 200 via Transavia.com and Transavia AirLines companies. A little more expensive through the Tunisian airline Tunisair.

to stay: Hotels are numerous and vary according to your choice and budget, a night at ⦁ Movenpick reach 350 dinars (€ 170) while a night at the hotel Myriam does not exceed 50 dinars (€ 25) a night.

Restaurants tested for you:

different bldg restaurants too, Escale I found wonderful is the Kantaoui port, specialty seafood appointment. Otherwise side fast food Planet Food is the best choice in my opinion.

Where to shop? Slim center is the best place to showcase lick, and I also suggest you Tej Marhaba Center .

Bookmarks bar: The Irish Pub is the best value in the area. Besides the Port Kantaoui, the atmosphere is wonderful.